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AdVic Turns 10: A Discussion with Our Top Dawgs

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On a recent episode of the Ad Victoriam Salesforce Simplified podcast, the topic was… Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic®). You see, we are celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2024 (in May to be specific), so we thought you might like to learn a little bit more about us: our roots, our culture, and more about the Salesforce® world… so we’ve invited AdVic CEO Jeff Jones and President Brian Mize to fill in those holes for us. Here are just a few of the highlights from that conversation.

Key Milestones for AdVic

AdVic President Brian Mize talks about a few of the early milestones that shaped our future, including the check we received from our first client.

What Makes AdVic Different?

From his perspective, which he says “may be jaded,” AdVic CEO Jeff Jones says what makes us different is that “we pride ourselves on our technical skill sets because they’re really deep and they’re foundational.”

The AdVic Elevate Program

As Brian Mize described it, AdVic’s in-house Elevate program “allowed us to bridge a talent gap that others have really struggled with.”

Advice for Tomorrow’s Salesforce Professionals

Regarding tomorrow’s Salesforce professionals, Jeff Jones says they should see “the opportunity is in the chaos.” What he means by that is people should recognize that a lot of change (the chaos) is coming within the Salesforce ecosystem – and the technology world as a whole –  and that is the opportunity.

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