Ad Victoriam Solutions Named Top CRM Consultant

B2B research and reviews agency Clutch recently recognized Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic) for the exceptional quality of strategy and service that they provide. After analyzing our market presence, industry experience, customer feedback, and other data-driven metrics, Clutch awarded our team the number 5 spot in a ranking of all CRM consultants in Atlanta, a huge honor for us. In addition, we are ranked as a 2019 Clutch Leader in Miami, Minneapolis and Detroit.

Clutch selects award recipients based on a set of factors, including work portfolio and market presence. Above all, feedback from the clients is central to the evaluation. Clutch analysts speak directly to the clients to receive in-depth feedback. Here’s what two of those clients shared:


Everything they’ve ever done for me came in under budget and within the original time estimates. They do a great job managing scope and cost,” praised one client. “Ad Victoriam Solutions was much more involved than larger agencies, and they were very attentive throughout the process.”


“Ad Victoriam is diligent in training us and making sure that everyone understands how to execute processes … By walking us through the process and documenting everything, they’ve made us more self-reliant,” shared another customer. “The revamped Salesforce CRM has worked reliably since and is now a critical instrument in sales. Well-structured project management and diligent documentation are key to their success.”

Ad Victoriam brings dedication and innovation to every challenge we tackle, making sure that our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest tech trends while remaining dedicated to every client and their unique goals, story, and skillsets.

The scale of our team, collaboration, and successes will continue to grow, and we thank everyone who’s been involved in our journey so far. If you’d like to learn about what Ad Victoriam Solutions can do for you and your business, please reach out to a member of our team. We’re eager to work together and look forward to helping empower your growth!


Ad Victoriam Solutions
Ad Victoriam Solutions helps companies bridge the gap between technology and business insights for greater efficiencies. We can turn even the most complex problems into smart solutions that help businesses perform better and achieve more. We’re cloud and data experts who work across a spectrum of leading-edge applications and technologies to help companies solve critical IT problems - quickly, simply and efficiently.