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Examples of How Dashboards & Data Solve Business problems
Feb 09, 2021
Examples of How Dashboards and Data Solve Business Problems

Any successful business knows that in order to find and solve problems, you have to start by looking at your data. With all of the technology out there – including Salesforce® – the hard part isn’t getting access to the data you need – it’s analyzing and interpreting your data, and then understanding how your […]

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Apr 28, 2020
4 Ways Salesforce CRM Improves Lead Conversions

When done right, a CRM implementation (Customer Relationship Management system) can significantly improve a business’s success with lead conversions, while also performing a number of different functionalities. In the marketing and sales world, CRM helps in nurturing leads and build better long-standing relationships with customers even before interactions with the sales team happen. Ultimately what […]

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