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What's leaking from Your Sales Funnel?
Apr 27, 2021
What’s Leaking from Your Sales Funnel?

Andrew Deutsch, CEO of Fangled Tech, was a recent guest on AdVic’s “Salesforce Simplified” podcast and talked about converting sales no’s into yes’ by analyzing important data he says may be “leaking” within your sales funnels. Then we dug into transforming sales teams into selling machines, and more. Here are some highlights from that conversation. […]

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Examples of How Dashboards & Data Solve Business problems
Feb 09, 2021
Examples of How Dashboards and Data Solve Business Problems

Any successful business knows that in order to find and solve problems, you have to start by looking at your data. With all of the technology out there – including Salesforce® – the hard part isn’t getting access to the data you need – it’s analyzing and interpreting your data, and then understanding how your […]

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