What’s the Difference Between Tableau and Tableau CRM?

On this episode of “Salesforce Simplified,” our guest is Ad Victoriam’s Analytics Practice Director, Abby Schreiber.

We last spoke to Abby on this podcast in November 2020 (https://bit.ly/3fvuAz8) about the analytics power within Tableau and Tableau CRM. This time, we’re talking about the difference between those two Salesforce tools and what to take into consideration when choosing between them.

Episode Notes:

Learn More About Tableau and Tableau CRM: https://bit.ly/2Qq9SqD

The Analytics Power Inside Salesforce Tableau CRM and Tableau: https://bit.ly/3fvuAz8

Episode Transcription:

Mike Boyle:

Hello everyone. I’m Mike Boyle and welcome to the podcast. On this episode of Salesforce Simplified, we’ll be chatting with AdVic’s Analytics Practice Director, Abby Schreiber.

Hello, Abby. Welcome back to the podcast.

Abby Schreiber:

Hi, Mike. Thanks again for having me.

Mike Boyle:

We last had you here on the podcast in November, 2020. And, at that time we talked about the analytics power within Salesforce’s Tableau and Tableau CRM. Today, we’re going to be talking about the difference between those two Salesforce tools and what to take into consideration when choosing between them. So, if you’re good to go with that, what I’d like to start with is if you could talk for the benefit of those who don’t know. What is Tableau and Tableau CRM?

Abby Schreiber:

So, Tableau is a data visualization software. It helps anyone slice and dice, dissect and analyze their data. You can connect to nearly any database using Tableau. It’s very easy to pull in data and information from multiple different sources and compare them all alongside together. And, it’s probably one of the most widely used data analysis softwares. It was recently acquired by Salesforce just a couple of years ago. On the other hand, Tableau CRM, formerly known as Einstein Analytics, it is also a data visualization platform, but it is unique to the Salesforce ecosystem.

So, Tableau CRM does offer a handful of data connectors of its own, but really it’s primarily used to analyze the data that’s in Salesforce. So, it’s used to maximize sales, service, any Salesforce specific functions. So, the insights and visualizations from Tableau CRM can be plugged in alongside any live opportunities, cases, accounts, any live data in Salesforce to help those Salesforce users make real-time decisions.

Mike Boyle:

Any other differences that we should note?

Abby Schreiber:

I mean, there are definitely some, but really the big difference is Tableau CRM is unique to the Salesforce ecosystem and Tableau is it’s entirely owned software that exists on its own. They are both very strong reporting tools, but depending on the use case, depending on the audience and depending on the data, one may be better than the other.

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