How CRM Utilization Drives Sales Efficiencies

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T-Mobile Business Sales Manager Kenneth Scott leads his sales team daily in executing key business metrics, which makes him uniquely qualified to talk about making Salesforce work in your company.

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Episode Transcription:

Mike Boyle: Good day, everyone. Today, we’ll be speaking with Kenneth Scott about how companies can get the most out of their Salesforce systems and how people in B2B roles at companies can benefit from its use. And just a little bit about Kenneth before we officially introduce him. Kenneth Scott is a sales leader and the founder and CEO of the educational program Maximizing the Student Athlete. He graduated from the University of Utah, where he earned two degrees, economics and human development and family studies, while being a student athlete.

And also at the U, he received many awards from his combination of community service, athletic and academic performance, which resulted in him receiving the most inspirational male student athlete designation and opportunities to play professionally as a wide receiver in the NFL and the CFL. And transitioning from the grid iron, Kenneth was able to expand and apply his skill sets into his current position as a top performer and the business sales manager at T-Mobile. He leads his sales team daily and executing key business metrics, which makes him uniquely qualified to talk about making Salesforce work in your company. Hello, Kenneth, it is a real pleasure to have you with us today.

Kenneth Scott: Oh man, likewise, it is really a pleasure. I appreciate you allowing me to be on your platform. So I can’t wait to kick it off.

Mike Boyle: So, you’re a Salesforce user. You use it every day? Why from your experience is a CRM system, such as Salesforce, so crucial to a business’s success?

Kenneth Scott: Oh yeah, we use it daily. And the reason why it’s crucial because it just helps optimize my sales reps daily schedules and their tasks that they need to be prioritized. And for me, I think that’s one of the most crucial things, especially when you’re in a client-based role, you want to be able to have something that’s going to notify you when the last time you spoke with them, the next time you’re going to speak with them, just so you won’t forget prospects because if you forget prospects, then ultimately you’re going to forget money in your pocket and also helping the customers too. So that’s why I think CRM is so important to utilize.

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