3 Reasons Why Netflix, Condé Nast, and Comcast All Employ AWS to Meet Their Cloud Computing Needs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a wide array of solutions for business cloud computing needs. Comcast, Condé Nast and Netflix (among many others) all leverage AWS for many of their business needs.

“Our success with the AWS infrastructure can be attributed to the elasticity, scalability, global availability of the service, as well as the key focus on velocity from the AWS development team,” says Eva Tse, Director of Big Data Platform at Netflix.

Is AWS right for your business? To help you with your decision, here are the highlights of why businesses of all sizes and types choose AWS.


Amazon has worked hard to provide cloud-computing services that are safe and secure for their users. The long list of security certifications AWS has includes HIPAA, ISO 27001, SAS 70 Type II, FISMA Moderate and PCI DSS Level 1. Moreover, Amazon works to keep these securities strong by using multiple layers of security (both physically and operationally), as well as routinely auditing their security.


When you choose AWS, many of the solutions do not require contracts or up-front costs. AWS supports a “pay as you go” approach. This approach allows customers to use only the amount of storage and/or power they need—there’s no requirement to pay for storage or power that your company won’t use. Furthermore, Amazon has continued to lower pricing for many of its key solutions, even as features within them expand.

Additionally, this approach with AWS allows you to terminate service whenever you desire, make size changes and have access to expert customer service.

If your solution requires a more strategic, long-term budgeting approach, AWS allows for tiered commitment pricing that is often at a significant discount over the “pay as you go” pricing model. Additionally, many of those can be scaled up over time so you don’t have to commit and pay now for planned future needs.


AWS supports machine images and solutions for most operating systems and computing languages. For instance, when you are creating a virtual machine, you’re given the opportunity to select an image with the platform and/or programming language support that best fits your needs and capabilities.

This flexibility means that your company can continue to leverage existing computing resources and skillsets (i.e. languages and systems) rather than investing in purchasing and training for new computing software. This can keep the need for additional resources to a minimum.

While these top companies leverage AWS, it does not guarantee it as the best option for every organization. However, AWS should be evaluated as an option for your cloud computing business strategy. The cloud strategy consultants at Ad Victoriam can help you do this and more. We’ll work closely with your team to find and integrate a cloud technology solution that feels like it was made especially for you!

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