Internet Of Things Consulting

Putting the Internet of Things to work for your business

IoT Consulting Services for the Leading Cloud Platforms

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes connectivity tangible for your business and your customers. Whether you're connecting devices for the ease of your clients, or to monitor, communicate and analyze your big data, your company can almost certainly benefit from IoT technologies. The Internet of Things consultants here at Ad Victoriam have the expertise you need to apply the most effective applications and IoT cloud solutions for your business.

The Right IoT Platforms for Your Data and Devices

While you're building the future of industries from manufacturing to healthcare, we're building the Internet of Things to keep your production, processes and data working efficiently. Our partnerships with industry leaders like Salesforce and Amazon ensure that your business gets the most up-to-date expertise and support for your IoT cloud applications.

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IoT Cloud™ from Salesforce manages devices, data and client engagement in ways that build both your productivity and your effectiveness by allowing you to access vital information about your customers and operations - in actionable ways. Real-time access to information and devices helps make Salesforce a major player in IoT. As a Salesforce partner, we can make sure your Salesforce IoT Cloud applications offer serious benefits to your business.

Amazon AWS

AWS is an industry leader in the IoT space thanks to superior device management and widely praised security features and practices. This combined with powerful tools that let you customize your data reporting makes AWS Internet of Things tools a popular option for many businesses. Our cloud consulting specialists are ready to help you evaluate, customize and apply Amazon's powerful IoT solutions.


Microsoft is a leader in business intelligence solutions due in no small part to their robust set of tools for helping retail businesses make the most of the Internet of Things. Their enterprise solution Microsoft IoT gives you access to everything from storage temperatures to customer behavior patterns, all tracked and accessed through the cloud. Our IoT consultants have the experience and training to put Microsoft's Internet of Things applications to work for your company.

Building IoT for Your Devices, Processes and Customers

The Internet of Things has already meant innovation and growth for so many industries and companies, and enterprise solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft and Amazon IoT applications can help that pattern continue for your business with the right consulting and support.

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