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Our experienced and personable Salesforce consultants will make your sales pipeline more efficient, effective and organized with Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM.

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Pause for a second and consider your sales pipeline. From researching accounts to lead tracking to submitting discount approvals, chances are your pipeline is desperately in need of crucial waste elimination. Salesforce’s customer relationship management software, Sales Cloud, frees your team up to focus on what they do best – sell.

Salesforce's Sales Cloud, now powered by Lightning user experience, is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution. For today’s companies looking to get ahead of the competition, Sales Cloud provides ample opportunities for bringing efficiency, effectiveness, and organization back into your sales pipeline…you just have to know where to look.


Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud is built to help businesses grow faster, easier, and operate more efficiently. However, many companies miss out on the numerous ways in which Salesforce automation tools can improve sales by closing deals faster, increasing leads, accelerating productivity and making informed decisions. Here are some of the features businesses can leverage through their Sales Cloud with the help of Ad Victoriam.

Sales Wave Analytics™
Marketing Automation
Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Salesforce Inbox
Salesforce Engage
Salesforce CPQ

Lightning Migration & Deployment
Lead Management
Reporting and Dashboards
Sales Forecasting
Team Collaboration
Email Integration

Territory Management
Sales Data
Files Sync and Share
Sales Console
Performance Management
Partner Management

Our Sales Cloud Services

Our skilled team of Sales Cloud developers and consultants are experienced in cloud computing, CRM and Salesforce solutions, delivering proven results to small and large businesses in any industry. We are fully prepared to help you grow your business by offering the following Sales Cloud services:

Salesforce Consulting Services Ad Victoriam Solutions


Partnering with your team, our all-inclusive Salesforce certified consultants will help develop your CRM roadmap to success and locate opportunities for automation in your Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Technology Integration


Our cloud experts are the best in the biz at integrating Salesforce technology into existing platforms. We can make sure your technology works together to get you the results you desire.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation


We aren’t just dreamers, we’re also doers. Let our Sales Cloud experts turn potential into profit by partnering with your team to implement a custom Salesforce solution to your exact specifications.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Customization


Your business has unique challenges that must be addressed with custom solutions. Partnering with Ad Victoriam means getting creative, innovative Salesforce solutions to your business’s obstacles.

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