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compliance word cloud: Ad Victoriam Solutions Cloud Strategy blog
Aug 02, 2016
Compliance in the Cloud – HIPAA

Today many companies are looking to move their applications and workflows to the Cloud in order to realize benefits such as minimizing cost, reducing IT overhead, and enterprise scalability. Some of these solutions are required to maintain compliance with HIPAA, which creates concern when hosting in a public cloud platform such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. The good news […]

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Hybrid Cloud Integration - Scalable and Affordable
Apr 21, 2016
Unlocking Affordable and Scalable Hybrid Cloud Integration

In this article, we will focus on how using Azure Logic Apps can provide an effective and affordable iPaaS solution for companies of any size – a Hybrid Cloud Integration. Companies today, large and small, are using a mixture of on premise and SaaS applications to run their business.  Systems such as an ERP, POS, […]

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