AVS’ David Litton Named a Top Salesforce Influencer 2017

Being named a Top Salesforce Influencer of the Year is no small feat.

That’s why Ad Victoriam Solutions is proud to announce that this title now belongs to one of our own: solutions architect extraordinary David Litton!

As one of our talented team members, Litton daily demonstrates his ability to successfully leverage Salesforce to benefit our clients, which in turn helps promote the software.

How Top Salesforce Influencers Make the Cut

From a list of thousands, MindTouch—a SaaS company based in San Diego, California building scalable self-service software—must whittle down the pool to the top 124 Salesforce Influencers.

They begin by compiling metrics on various categories such as speaking engagements, content authoring, and social influence.

Next, they cross-section these metrics with the Salesforce MVPs to see who was actively engaging within the community, therefore showcasing the ability to promote their software.

In the 2017 list, David Litton ranks as the 29th top Salesforce influencer out of 124 finalists and thousands of candidates nationwide.

“I’m incredibly honored to be selected as a Top Salesforce Influencer,” says Litton.

Partner With a Gold Certified Salesforce Consultant

Because simply put, partnering with an experienced Salesforce consultants is the best way to ensure project success.

At Ad Victoriam, David Litton and the rest of our our certified Salesforce consultants have already been proven to be top-notch based on their experience, certifications, satisfied clients, and industry expertise.

As a gold consulting partner with Salesforce, the innovation of this software coupled with the knowledge and expertise of our staff can help you achieve the success you’re looking for. Contact us to get started on your project.

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