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Today's Healthcare Challenge

The healthcare industry is becoming more sophisticated in its business practices, marketing, and data analytics, so it needs technology solutions that secure data and accelerate its advancements with precision.  

Unfortunately, the healthcare industry is often challenged by disparate systems resulting in disjointed processes, increased security risks, and incomplete data records. Payers, healthcare systems, and providers need an integrated cloud-based solution that securely places all of the data in their capable hands.

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Effective Solutions for Your Software Ailments

Salesforce® builds on your deep expertise and leadership by providing the next-generation customer relationship management (CRM) platform for the healthcare industry, Salesforce Health Cloud, the most dynamic, healthcare-focused and consumer-centric customer experience. 

And when you add in the Ad Victoriam healthcare-focused solutions team, who can provide you with healthcare solutions based on best practices in one coordinated system, all you have to do is what you do best, serve your customers. 

Salesforce enables you to focus on your relationships, not records!

Connecting Data to Tranform Relationships

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The Power of Salesforce Health Cloud

When you implement Salesforce Health Cloud, you take patient relationships to new heights, plus you gain a

360-degree view of every patient, member, and healthcare customer. Here’s how. 


Give Patients the Experience they Deserve

Engaging with patients on any device and collaborating across the entire healthcare network, from care coordinators to service agents and family members is made easier with a Salesforce Health Cloud implementation. By connecting EHR data, treatment plans, patient preferences, and more, you can deliver truly personalized experiences on the journey to better outcomes.


One Unified Platform Brings Data and People Together

In a perfect world, all of the technology you need to run your business would speak the same language. In the real world, proprietary systems rule the market. Our enterprise application integration team utilizes MuleSoft® to enable systems to communicate seamlessly, breaking down silos,  so that systems and your team, work in harmony, from production to distribution.


Increase Engagement Throughout their Healthcare Journey

Leading insurance plans must make it a priority to build trusted and lasting relationships with members to attract and retain business in today’s digital healthscape. With Salesforce Health Cloud, you’ll discover how to personalize care, streamline authorization requests with utilization management, and promote collaboration to achieve the best member outcomes.

Medical Devices

360-Degree View of the Customer Lifecycle

Salesforce Health Cloud connects every part of your ecosystem — from clinical operations, to manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales, service, and more — to help deliver your breakthroughs to patients, partners, and providers. And in this era of digital devices, evolving business models, and price competition, that kind of business flexibility is a key success driver.

Securing & Connecting Healthcare Data

Salesforce Shield for Security

If you are like most healthcare organizations, your biggest concern is the level of trust and security you have to confidently move to the cloud. As you know, data breaches are devastating. 

The Salesforce platform, including Health Cloud, provides healthcare companies with robust security features at the infrastructure, network, and application levels. Healthcare companies can safeguard their sensitive apps and data with granular controls including two-factor authentication, role-based user access policies, and record and field-level encryption.

For additional levels of security, compliance, and governance, Ad Victoriam’s consultants can integrate Salesforce Shield. Salesforce Shield provides granular visibility into who accessed the data and what they did with it; the ability to encrypt sensitive data (such as PHI) without losing the data’s business functionality; and the ability to automate HIPAA audits with data retention and retrieval policies.

MuleSoft AnyPoint Integration Platform

Since Ad Victoriam's in-house integration and data teams differentiate us as a company, we can help you leverage MuleSoft technology to provide more seamless care delivery for Providers or enhance member/provider engagement for Payers to deliver more personalized patient care.

Using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ - a complete solution for API-led connectivity - brings data from multiple sources, including electronic medical records (EMRs), medical devices and wearables, into Salesforce Health Cloud for patients and clinicians to deliver insightful care faster.

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