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Leveraging the cloud for your computing needs such as processing, data storage and memory offers untold benefits to businesses – from reduced risk and cost, to increased efficiency, scalability and flexibility.

But are you taking advantage of the full benefits cloud computing offers? 

Properly integrating a comprehensive cloud model into your unique business structure requires significant planning, preparedness and proficiency in the many options available to enterprises.

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What is Cloud Integration?

At its core, the process of cloud integration centers around configuring various application programs to “talk to each other” or share data in the cloud. In a properly integrated cloud platform, multiple onsite (non-cloud) and cloud-based applications can communicate directly or through third-party software.

The Challenges of Cloud Integration

At Ad Victoriam Solutions, we can bridge the gap between loosely coupled PaaS cloud systems and applications, connecting them to a unified data solution platform that provides your business with comprehensive B2B or B2C capabilities.

When businesses were asked in a 2014 IDG Cloud Computing Study what factors held them back from adopting the cloud, nearly half (46%) said integration challenges were a major concern, along with security and governance.

Other studies have found that 1 in 2 organizations abandon a cloud app due to integration problems, and 54 percent of businesses have missed a project deadline because of cloud integration issues.

Investment in the cloud is an important decision for modern businesses.

A growing number of organizations are taking a hybrid approach to cloud computing, leveraging both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-premise applications.

This approach, however, comes with its own set of challenges – namely communication between disparate systems, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and integration of on-premises vs. cloud-hosted applications. Our cloud integration consultants help organizations across various industries determine if cloud computing platforms like Heroku or Microsoft Azure are right for their business and assist in leveraging the full power of existing cloud resources by enhancing connectivity between existing applications.

We specialize in seamless enterprise integration for a variety of cloud solutions, including:

  • Azure Service Bus
  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Mulesoft ESB
  • Heroku

Benefits of Integrated Cloud Solutions

Prior to today’s cloud integration solutions, businesses who wished to migrate to the cloud had to undertake a long and complicated process that often caused interruptions in everyday business processes. The end result was a compartmentalized and chaotic cloud solution that left gaps between loosely coupled applications.

Integration has changed the game when it comes to cloud computing in the business world. Some of the real-world advantages of modern cloud integration over older, outdated migration techniques include:

  • Individual users can access important personal data from any device in real time.
  • Users can utilize the same login information for various integrated application programs.
  • Individual users can easily merge personal data from external applications like contacts and calendars.
  • Individual users can access data without Internet connection from any location.
  • Rapid ROI.
  • An integrated platform efficiently shares administrative and control messages among various applications.
  • Data integrity and security are maintained due to avoidance of data silos.
  • Data redundancy and conflict are avoided.
  • Cloud integration allows for future expansion by making the platform more scalable to accommodate for future growth.
  • No new hardware or software needed.

We Simplify Cloud Integration to Maximize ROI

Our comprehensive integration services empower businesses by simplifying migration from complex application architectures to a scalable, agile cloud platform. We accomplish data-driven results that allow disparate applications to communicate with each other through fully-integrated custom cloud solutions.

Ad Victoriam's cloud integration professionals partner with industry leaders like Amazon cloud services, MuleSoft, Salesforce solutions and Microsoft to craft the most innovative and effective strategies on the market.

Contact us today to learn how our team of problem solvers can help your company seamlessly integrate a custom cloud solution to solve your unique set of challenges.

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