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Grow Your Business and Relationships - One Order at a Time

Moving fast and reaching your goals in an ever-changing marketplace isn’t easy. Many brands use tools that are disconnected to their channels creating a disconnected customer experience. B2B Commerce Cloud can help.

With B2B Commerce your customers enjoy a seamless, relevant, and connected experience while you enjoy a new sales channel powered by traditional Salesforce CRM data. The platform provides your business with the ability to:

  • Create multiple branded marketplaces
  • Convert customers at every touchpoint
  • Display different price points based on customer type
  • Use intelligent data for targeted promotional opportunities
  • Real-time customer purchasing reports

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Differentiating your business through personal digital experiences fuels growth and drives customer engagement.

B2B Commerce Builds Tailored Experiences

B2B Commerce displays your product catalog in a branded storefront and allows your customer base to place an order independently. Complex pricing models can be configured to match your current business rules and enable contractual agreement tracking for product entitlements and price points. In addition, you can capitalize on B2B Commerce’s target marketing functionality that provides customers with a tailored, engaging shopping experience.

B2B Commerce is a flexible solution that scales as your business grows.

B2B Credit Card

Credit Card and  ACH Payment Processing. While B2B Commerce supports Purchase Order payment types,  an integration with a Payment Gateway is required in order to facilitate credit card and ACH payment types.

Tax Calculations. B2B Commerce does not come with a tax calculation engine. If tax needs to be calculated on orders, integration with a tax calculation service can be integrated.

Freight Calculations. Fixed-rate shipping fees are set up and maintained within B2B Commerce. If exact shipping fees are needed, integration with your current freight service is recommended.

B2B Commerce Top Use Cases

Merchandizing B2B Commerce Use Case

Merchandisers (Distributors or Resellers) face the challenge of meeting a demanding customer base. Today, businesses are grown by providing an exceptional product through a personal, and engaging digital customer service experience. Anything less has the potential to drive customer to a competitor.

B2B Commerce tackles these challenges head-on by enabling you to provide all the materials a customer need to make a purchasing decision including product images, data sheets, specs, and product comparisons.

Manufacturing B2B Commerce Use Case

Many manufacturers spend valuable time placing simple orders on behalf of their customers. B2B Commerce puts the purchasing power in the customer’s hands by providing a self-service shopping experience that fully automates the ordering process.

By providing an online ordering option, manufacturers free up their sales team to focus more on acquiring new business and less on customer maintenance. Whether you are selling to distributors and/or end-users, B2B Commerce can provide a tailored shopping experience that keeps your sales reps doing what they do best, selling.

Benefits of B2B Commerce

Flexible Online Marketplace

Whether you are managing one brand or multiple, B2B Commerce can be configured to provide a uniquely tailored shopping experience to your target audience for both mobile and desktop browsing.

Self Service and Automated Online Ordering

Put the purchasing power back in your customer’s hands by providing a self-service checkout portal that frees up your reps to focus on new sales.

Commected CRM Data

Since B2B Commerce is built on top of Salesforce®, you can leverage your existing Salesforce data in conjunction with B2B Commerce data to make fully informed business decisions.

Changing Marketplace B2B Commerce is needed

Salesforce ensures that B2B Commerce is constantly innovating and evolving to meet common business challenges as they arise.

Let's Drive Revenue Together

Ad Victoriam’s dedicated B2B Commerce team is ready to apply their knowledge and passion to your challenges. Whether you are migrating from a legacy eCommerce solution or just starting to dip your toe into the B2B eCommerce world, our team has the skillset and expertise needed to get your branded storefront up and running quickly so you can drive new revenue.