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Matt Sterner

Account Executive

Nice to Meet You.

Getting to Know Me

After four years of soccer at Elmhurst College (now Elmhurst University), my first job out of college was at a fleet management company, where I was an Account Manager. After about a year and a half there, I entered the Salesforce® world with a system integrator (SI) partner. While that partner was aligned with Adobe and SAP, I gained extensive experience with the SI world and how partnerships work.

For the next seven to eight years, I worked at different partners, specializing in Salesforce. Having the opportunity to work at a well-known global SI, to a smaller offshore SI, the experience and knowledge I gained have helped tremendously get me to where I am today.

Today, I am enjoying my role at AdVic® helping retail and consumer goods companies realize their goals with Salesforce and MuleSoft®.

Outside of Work

I live in Naperville, IL, with my wife, and a cat named Poppy. When I am not working, I stay active, which during the week means playing in my softball league or on the weekends, golfing as much as I can (weather permitting). Otherwise, you can find me hanging out with my wife and friends attending various sports games, or going to concerts (go Chiefs!).

Examples of Clients I’ve Had the Pleasure to Work With

Service Cloud, Knowledge Integration

The Challenge

While Acushnet had Salesforce Commerce Cloud™ and Salesforce Order Management™ in place, the Service Team worked across multiple systems to support each client issue, such as taking requests via email and working from folders within an inbox. This presented great challenges because of the lack of visibility and assurance issues being resolved. They wanted to begin the process of centralizing their data and processes. This would enable them to manage all customer service interactions originating from Acushnet’s D2C properties while evaluating a broader rollout across their Trade Partner (B2B) ecosystem.

My Support

Before speaking with Acushnet, we provided Salesforce with the information they needed to begin the relationship. Once introduced, AdVic presented use case and point of view information that helped Acushnet believe they were on the right track to solving their business and technology needs.

We moved the process to align quickly by presenting a focused Statement of Work (SOW) focused on achieving Acushnet’s Phase One goals. Additionally, AdVic demonstrated how the presented solution would lay the foundation to accelerate the future phases of their plan (global expansion of Service Cloud™) and position themselves to earn subsequent Salesforce work across many Consumer Goods™ use cases.

Consumer Goods Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud

The Challenge

To grow sales, Swedish Match wanted to develop a comprehensive rewards program but lacked the technology to support this new initiative. Before the project, they only used Marketing Cloud™ alongside laborious, unproductive processes. AdVic added Sales and Service Clouds to its product to create an efficient and effective new revenue-generating rewards program.

For Consumer Goods Cloud, Swedish Match needed to grow beyond Microsoft’s capabilities to support or advance their field-based sales teams’ customer engagements. Rather than collecting actionable data and supporting value-driven conversations, it only provided a standard list of items to check off. Swedish Match needed a solution that could drive sales growth through insightful data.

My Support

With Swedish Match already having familiarity with AdVic due to the first initial Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud engagement, we built trust with them to get this deal across the line. While in the beginning, the Swedish team only wanted a Consumer Goods Cloud discovery, the trust we built earned a signed SOW for its implementation.

Data Cloud, Marketing Cloud

The Challenge

Salon Services Group’s manual processes and utilization of spreadsheets were holding back company growth. They realized they needed one centralized platform to capture their data and execute their marketing activities. Specifically, they wanted to implement a strong, clean data foundation, automate marketing processes, increase segmented outreach, and equip their team to maintain and enhance the system.

My Support

Salesforce® needed a quick SOW turnaround for Data Cloud, so they pulled in AdVic®, knowing AdVic would deliver. AdVic met with the client, scoped the deal, and in less than one month delivered an SOW that aligned with the client’s timeline and budget.

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