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Blaise Weber

Account Executive

Nice to Meet You.

Getting to Know Me

I am thankful to have experienced a variety of roles since college. Each role – marketing, public relations, Salesforce® Consultant, and a Salesforce Business Development Rep – has not only helped shape my knowledge but also supported the success I am enjoying today as a Salesforce Account Executive.

My introduction to Salesforce back in 2017 inspired me as I believe it is not simply a business software, but a path for businesses to reinvent themselves. I worked as a Salesforce Business Analyst/Consultant and earned three Salesforce Certifications before moving on to become a Salesforce Account Executive.

Today, I work closely with clients from various industries to achieve their business initiatives through tailored solutions specific to their needs.

Outside of Work

After attending Ohio University, I moved to Chicago for a while to experience another city. I have now returned to my hometown of Cincinnati to be closer to family and my long-time friends. Currently, I live with my goofy Golden-Doodle Wily Mo, who is named after baseball player Wily Mo Peña. Besides spending time with my dog, I often enjoy the outdoors on the golf course, watching sports locally with friends, or vegging at home enjoying an American history documentary.

Examples of Clients I’ve Had the Pleasure to Work With

Sales Cloud™, Service Cloud™

The Challenge

Banner Solutions’ Sales and Service departments and processes were intertwined. Therefore, Banner wanted to better organize, automate, modernize, and detangle the processes between Sales and Service to gain better visibility into each area.

My Support

Banner was a client who was unfamiliar with Salesforce, so I took the time to make sure they understood what it was we would be implementing, and made sure they were not overwhelmed with technical/Salesforce-specific language. I guided them through the implementation of Sales Cloud™ and Service Cloud™ to increase their overall efficiencies and provide data visibility.

Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud™, CPQ™, Mulesoft®. OMS

The Challenge

GreenWorks was looking to complete a massive digital transformation across several departments in a very short amount of time. We created a business and technological roadmap that would deliver the immediate functionality they needed while providing change management guidance to ensure a smooth, phased transformation.

My Support

I worked with Greenworks to develop a multiphase approach to achieve their company-wide digital transformation. I spent time working with the AdVic® Team and Greenworks to deliver the specific functionality needed within their deadline while facilitating several simultaneous projects.

Service Cloud, Field Service™

The Challenge

JSI was looking to improve its customer experience and provide its field service reps with better data visibility out in the field.

My Support

The client conversation began with a couple of Salesforce tools under consideration to address their service and data challenges, which was overwhelming to JSI. JSI had a very particular use case for their field service reps so we spoke frequently. I worked with Salesforce to demonstrate how specifically Field Service™ would address their specific challenges and accomplish their goals. JSI was excited about the solution presented, and we moved forward.

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