Account Executive Bill Franz

Bill Franz

Account Executive

Nice to Meet You.

Relationships have always been important to me! I am a true believer in the Golden Rule in life, “Treat others as you would have them treat you.” I apply this in business as well as personal relationships. Trust is important!

Getting to Know Me


After graduating from St. Norbert College, I began my career in the technology industry 20+ years ago working for SAP selling ERP to manufacturers and retailers. Since then I have had the privilege to work for several leading tech companies like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Hitachi Consulting, and Salesforce®. This experience has provided me with an extensive background in business application use and deployment across multiple platforms, inclusive of core systems technology, like ERP, to customer-facing applications, such as B2B Commerce and CXM.


I have always enjoyed consulting with my clients to solve business problems and consider myself an advocate for my customers first. Whether it is evaluating and implementing a multi-million dollar ERP system or helping companies provide a better, more valuable experience for their customers, I stay engaged in the process and see them through to a successful conclusion.


I have a fairly expansive network of customers and friends in this industry and I believe that it stems from my desire to see my customers derive value from our relationship both personally and professionally.

Outside of Work

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, I now live in the western burbs in a town called LaGrange Park, IL with my wife, Kim, two daughters, Maggie and Evie, and our cat, Hubi. I am an avid pickleball and hockey player and a motorcycle enthusiast.

Example of a Recent Client I’ve Had the Pleasure to Work With

Sales Cloud™, MuleSoft®

The Challenge

IEM was utilizing a homegrown CRM system which they realized was unsustainable for the kind of future growth that they were envisioning. They had many siloed processes which impeded their ability to get quotes out to their customers in a timely fashion. They also have a homegrown configure-to-quote solution that they are not yet ready to sunset which led to a great deal of swivel chairing between systems for information. With customer satisfaction taking a hit, they realized that they needed to do something quickly to improve their processes to be able to service their customers better.

My Support

I worked closely with both Salesforce and IEM to coordinate schedules to meet IEM’s desired timeline. Scheduling discoveries and visioning sessions to help IEM understand how MuleSoft® could be utilized to successfully integrate their Syteline ERP system, the homegrown configure-to-quote system, and Salesforce Sales Cloud™ to make their processes much more timely and efficient.

AdVic’s expertise and collaborative approach were invaluable assets to our team in the IEM evaluation cycle.
David Hwang, MuleSoft

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