Make the technology work for you, not against you

We can restore the balance of power in your company’s computing, helping you bend the technology to your will.

Cloud Technology

Take control of software-based solutions so that they become the tools they were meant to be.

Solutions, not buzzwords

At Ad Victoriam, we realize that your problems do not fit in a predefined box.
We tailor technology to solve your business and technology challenges that are keeping your business from performing to its potential.

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The right cloud technology can drive your business forward. At Ad Victoriam, our experienced technology strategists can help you determine your software needs, create a plan that addresses the needs and challenges of your company, team and customers, and help you implement the software and processes you need to streamline and grow your business.

Salesforce consultants, Ad Victoriam


Salesforce offers one of the leading and most innovative cloud software platforms. Our Salesforce® solutions team empowers organizations with custom planning and implementation to help you get the most out of the Sales Cloud® and Service Cloud® solutions, Community Cloud™ service, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud™ suite and more.

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Data Intelligence

Data is useless unless it becomes actionable information. Our data intelligence team leverages cross-platform solutions and proven best practices to drive solutions that transforms data into knowledge and intelligence.

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In a perfect world, all of the computing software you need to run your business would speak the same language. In the real world, proprietary systems rule the market. Our enterprise application integration team enable systems to communicate seamlessly, breaking down silo barriers, so that systems work in harmony.

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The sheer number of software applications available might make you think everything has already been done, but that’s far from the case. The most successful businesses offer a unique proposition, and those propositions often require their own unique solutions. If your problem can’t be solved by existing software, we’ll build you what you need, instead.

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