Success Story: Adding Value to a Leading Service Industry Support Center with Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein Support Center Customer Success Story


This omni-channel call center services company that provides “white glove” customer service to retailers. This includes customers being able to provide interactions with brands via website, email, live chat, sms, Facebook and Snapchat.

  • # of Employees: 5,001-10,000
  • Location: King of Prussia, PA
  • Industry: Service Industry Support Center
  • Go Live Date: 11/15/2016

Leveraging maximum value out of a Salesforce solution requires extensive planning and technical knowledge. Fortunately, our Salesforce certified consultants were able to fix a dysfunctional infrastructure to improve functionality and reliability for an omnichannel call center – just in the knick of time.

Read the case study for more info:

The Story

This well-known service industry support service was at the point of failure with their Salesforce instance. They were ready to cancel because the Software as a Service (SaaS) platform was not living up to the company’s expectations. The functionality was there; however, they need a trusted advisor to step in and optimize their instance for maximized performance.

The Challenge

  • They suffered from a lack of reporting, which led to delays in communication with their customers.
  • Due to working with many retailers, they would experience performance timeouts, throttling, and errors around the different Service Cloud functionality that included (but not limited to) live agent, email and web to case – often occurring around peak retail holidays such as Black Friday.

Our Solution

  • We configured and set-up multiple call center tracking reports utilizing Salesforce Einstein Analytics and exposed them to their customer community.
  • We analyzed and optimized 8-10 pieces of code to run more efficiently under heavy load.
  • We stabilized their existing Salesforce organization.
  • We deployed optimized code in a production environment the week before peak season (mid-November).

The Value/Results

  • Brand customers are now able to see reporting metrics in their customer community in real-time.
  • The company is also able to see reports and metrics across all internal brands.
  • AVS code optimization was tested during Black Friday 2016 and all performance problem errors disappeared – no more timeouts, throttling or errors around performance.

Ad Victoriam Solutions was proud to partner with this leading service industry support center and add value to their Salesforce solution! Let us help your business leverage maximum returns from your technology investments. Contact our consultants today to get started.

Case Study: First Class Salesforce Solutions for Travel Inc.

Case Study: First Class Salesforce Solutions for Travel Inc.


Travel Inc. – an innovative travel management organization that provides “personalized consultations with travel executives, procurement, security and risk management and travelers” – was already using Salesforce, but it wasn’t living up to their expectations. They needed a Salesforce solutions partner to evaluate their current business process and refactor their processes to increase efficiency and accelerate productivity. Overview of the case study. 

  • # of Employees: 200-500
  • Location: Duluth, Ga
  • Industry: Leisure, Travel & Tourism
  • Go Live Date: 12/16/2016
  • Website:

Travel Incorporated, an innovative travel management organization, approached Ad Victoriam Solutions when they realized they weren’t leveraging the full potential of their existing Salesforce solution.

Case Study: Read to find out how we upgraded their Salesforce platform from coach to first-class.

The Story

For more than 36 years, Travel Incorporated has “proven the value of a managed travel program by providing innovative solutions combined with a personalized strategy.” The company specializes in local, national and global travel management solutions, promising to partner with their clients based on corporate culture and unique business objectives.

When Travel Inc. approached AVS, they had already been using Salesforce but it was not living up to their expectations. They needed a certified Salesforce solutions partner to evaluate their current business process and refactor their processes to increase efficiency and accelerate productivity.

The Challenge

  • Travel Inc. couldn’t track information relating to their sales cycle and business process.
  • They only focused on working with the Opportunity object in Salesforce. However, that wasn’t capturing all of the information they needed and was causing frustration.
  • In the past, they worked with a previous firm but did not like the results as that firm over-complicated their process with extra fields which created too much redundancy.

Our Solution

  • AVS cleaned and simplified Travel Inc.’s page layouts and fields, creating a more streamlined process.
  • We enabled their sales team to go in and work in the stage that was appropriate for their specific sales cycle.
  • We sectioned out the page layout based on the stage.
  • We required fields and sections based on where they were in the sales cycle.
  • We enforced certain fields that had to be complete before they could move on to the next section.
  • We created better automation through Salesforce’s Process Builder (Professional edition), which allowed them more efficiency in their day-to-day activities.
  • Before, the team was only using the Opportunities object. However, we introduced the team to the importance of Lead/Lead Conversion to Opportunity for better sales cycle tracking.
  • We also trained and educated Travel Inc. on the benefits of migrating their team over to the new Lightning User interface.
  • We worked with their team to implement brand new technology – Gmail integration, beta spring, etc.
  • We created new Reports and Dashboards for tracking, along with training documentation.
  • We setup and configured the beta release for Google Integration: Sync Google Calendar™ Events to Salesforce Without Installing Software (Beta).

The Value/Results

Travel Inc. is now better able to manage and track their Lead to Opportunity business process from beginning to end. Sales has detailed reporting on where opportunities are being driven from, along with amount and timing of sales activities generated. With the enablement of the Salesforce Lightning Experience user interface, sales now has the tools they need to make them more productive and drive their business forward faster.

“Jake, you sir are a Salesforce wizard!” said Jonathan Springer, Senior Sales Manager at Travel Inc. “Jason is really excited to see the dashboards. Thank you very much.”

You’re very welcome Jonathan! We hope you and everyone at Travel Inc. enjoy your new Salesforce solutions!

If you want to learn how we can help your business or organization fully leverage your Salesforce solutions, contact the experienced consultants at Ad Victoriam Solutions. We can tackle any challenge you can throw at us!

Customer Success Story: How We Helped a World-Class Game Development Studio Leverage Custom Data Solutions


A world-class independent game development studio hired us to help equip their team with the right data solutions that would allow them to create new standards for their respective genres as well as groundbreaking original IPs.

  • # of Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Plano, Texas
  • Industry: Computer Games
  • Go Live Date: 3/31/2016

A world-class computer games development studio based out of Texas recently had a need to migrate their analytics solution to something that more tightly integrates and scales with their business, so they reached out to us.

Read the case study to find out how we were able to help provide effective long-term data solutions.

The Story

When this computer games development studio had a need to migrate their analytics solution to something that more tightly integrates and scales with their business, they called us.

In addition, the company needed guidance on Analytics Tool selection for internal and external analytics that would allow self-service for a majority of analytics needs.

The Challenge

The company’s existing analytics solutions leveraged MongoDB and was relatively difficult to extend and leverage as their product grew. Additionally, they leveraged a custom-code solution for reporting and analytics that required development resources to create new reporting artifacts or satisfy on-demand information needs.

Our Solution

Ad Victoriam Solutions designed and built a custom solution leveraging Amazon Redshift for data storage. This provided a data warehousing solution that could scale with their business and allow costs to scale as their needs grew.

Additionally, we delivered a series of Proof-of-Concept (PoC) dashboards in Klipfolio to provide initial analytics and self-service capabilities.

Finally, we participated in the tool selection process with the game development studio to find a long-term self-service analytics tool. Tableau was the final selection for this process to meet their long-term analytics and reporting needs.

The Value/Results

Analytics can now be developed outside of the product release schedule. Additionally, as the games go-live and release new capabilities, analytics can be performed near-real-time and on-demand to answer new question and gain new insights in a nimble and self-service manner.

Ad Victoriam Solutions is thrilled to partner with companies from all types of industries, including world-class computer game development companies. Let us solve your data and technology challenges through innovative custom solutions built for your business in mind. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Customer Success Stories: ADDO Partners with AVS for Salesforce and Pardot Implementation


ADDO (Latin for “inspire”) is a consulting agency that helps businesses and brands ideate and activate initiatives to enhance leadership and social impact. They create “ways for companies to maximize ‘doing business’ while ‘doing good’ to deliver tangible, sustainable and measurable engagement with customers and their communities.”

  • # of Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Industry: Management Consulting
  • Go Live Date: 3/1/2016
  • Website:

Recently, we were thrilled to partner with a leading marketing consulting firm here in our hometown of Atlanta, GA. By leveraging Salesforce and Pardot solutions, our team was able to add value to this organization.

Continue reading the case study to learn how…

The Story

Ad Victoriam Solutions was hired to work with ADDO to deploy Salesforce and Pardot solutions for their high school leadership program. As a management consulting agency, ADDO was hired to facilitate relationships between nearby chain restaurant locations and local high schools. The system needed to capture data on high schools, school staff members and the chain restaurant locations across the country.

Prior to Salesforce, the company managed all of their contact, account and opportunity information within Excel spreadsheets. The primary goal for this project was to increase visibility across the organization and streamline workflow for easier day-to-day task management.

The Challenge


  • Capture data for the following types of records:
    • Chain restaurant locations
    • Chain restaurant management
    • Nationwide high schools
    • School administration contacts
  • Create a dashboard to deliver summary information to the chain restaurant headquarters
  • Streamline process from lead to committed high school
  • Assist with Task Management


  • Prevent duplicate accounts from being created based on store location numbers
  • Associate school contacts with restaurant sponsors based on store location numbers
  • Automate task creation based on Pardot forms submitted and “Lead vs. Contact” records

Our Solution

  • Installed Package – GoLocal
  • Pardot’s Salesforce Connector setup and integration to allow end users to see marketing metrics and engage with their prospects at the time of interest.
  • Pardot Training on forms, landing pages, automation rules and lists
  • Visual Flow to automate task creation based on various data elements

The Value/Results

ADDO is now able to manage tasks and relationships within Salesforce and Pardot using leads, accounts and opportunities. The leadership team is able to better facilitate day-to-day activities and management has greater visibility into program success.

“Thank you to you and your team, said John Hightower, Director of Partners and Process at ADDO. “Brian and Imani were excellent yesterday and our team felt like they truly listened and grasp the details of our business.”

Ultimately, Ad Victoriam Solutions was able to accomplish the main goal – providing a solid structure to facilitate success, sustainability, and increased efficiency.

A big shout out to ADDO for partnering with us. Glad we could help! Contact Ad Victoriam Solutions if we can help you leverage technology to achieve your business goals.

Atlanta Dream Center: Customer Success Story

Image courtesy of


Atlanta Dream Center is a local non-profit organization that seeks to help men, women and children struggling with homelessness, poverty and sex trafficking.

Ad Victoriam Solutions was recently honored to partner with a local Atlanta non-profit as part of our initiative to give back to the community, providing key Salesforce implementation of important fundraising solutions.

Here is the case study:

The Story

The Atlanta Dream Center (ADC) is a faith-based non-profit located in Atlanta, GA run by Paul Palmer. Under the ADC umbrella, there are three main ministries that serve three distinct people groups:

  • Women: Out of Darkness (24/7 rescue hotline and short-term housing for victims of sex trafficking and all forms of commercial sexual exploitation)

The ADC’s mission is to reach, rescue and restore victims of commercial sexual exploitation, homelessness and poverty. Aside from a small paid staff (20 or so people), all three programs are completely volunteer-driven which, when combined, form a small army of volunteers in upwards of 200-300 individuals on the roster.

The Challenge

ADC came to us with a number of organizational challenges they were hoping to address. For starters, keeping track of the men, women and children that they serve was extremely difficult.

Other challenges the organization faced included:

  • Ability to track donors, volunteers and clients.
  • Since donors could be individuals/organizations, they needed the ability to track the life of each record all the way to nurturing.
  • Because volunteers come in from different sources, different forms led to duplicates. They wanted to ability to follow-up and check current status.
  • Clients need to achieve their goals; therefore, the ability for details associated to be visible to those who can help was greatly needed.
  • Individual spreadsheets were not online.
  • Limited collaboration on the day-to-day dealings.
  • Ability to communicate across the organization was time-consuming, and every moment counts for a non-profit.
  • Additional tracking related to facilities.

Our Solution

Once we understood the full scope of challenges facing the Atlanta Dream Center, we helped implement Non-Profit Starter PackVolunteers for Salesforce and Salesforce for Outlook, customizing each solution to fit the unique needs of the organization.

Other strategies we implemented to address the challenges listed above included:

  • Creation of three different record types for the tracking of Lead/Account.
  • Appropriate automation rules to accommodate the record’s life through the cycle.
  • Automation to remind to follow up with potential Volunteers and Client goals.
  • Page layout customization assigned to record types.
  • Structure implemented to accommodate other organizations as they come within the ADC umbrella.
  • Import and transfer data from legacy systems/user spreadsheets related to Donors, Clients, and Volunteers into Salesforce.

The Value/Results

ADC is now able to manage contact relationships and track fundraising efforts through the system we put in place. Moreover, all information related to Clients and Volunteers now has the ability to stay consistent and unique to assist in all their different outreach programs. Through the customization put in place, these different types of records are able to be entered by one person and collaborated on by the organization as a whole to ensure success.

ADC has shown that Salesforce solutions can be adapted to any business scenario, with the end result always being the same: increased efficiency. The ADC team is taking full advantage of this system and gears are turning to see how it can get even better. They have high hopes for this tool within the organization on many fronts.

We at Ad Victoriam were thrilled to partner with such a wonderful organization. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your business or organization, contact our certified Salesforce consultants today.

Salesforce “Lightning” Winter ’17 Release Notes: Reports & Dashboards

In our previous article, we explored the general functional features improved by Salesforce’s latest release – which I like to call Lightning: The Definitive Edition.

This latest Salesforce release offers a number of cool new and improved features that help grant us that increase in productivity we always crave. But new things are scary, right?

Well the best way to overcome the fear is to remember that good old saying: “Time is money, yo.”

Check out the reporting and dashboard features below now only available via Salesforce Lightning:

Dashboard Creator Shortcuts

Are you a right-click and select copy or a ctrl-c user? If you’re part of the latter, Salesforce has a treat for you! Take a gander at these handy keyboard shortcuts to build your next dashboard.

Data Filtering

Want to look at all the opportunities you closed last year? Or are you interested in viewing all the opportunities managed by a team in a different location? Lightning allows for Filtering by Relative Date and Filtering by Role Hierarchy.



Use relative words as keywords to designate a date range.


Take a look at the records managed only in the western region.

Dashboards in Lightning Experience

Not going to lie, I’m pretty shallow when it comes to UIs…

One of the best things about Lightning is how pretty those Dashboards look. Have you seen those animations when filtering? They just got prettier.


Chatter = the social media equivalent for your records in Salesforce.

It has never been easier to create a Chatter Group to add users to. Using a new super-simple wizard, you can create a group, give it a nice group picture to represent what it’s about, and add users using auto-suggested options.

Chatter Feeds are also now LIVE. What does that mean? Posts and replies now appear in real-time! No need to refresh your page to see that “K” reply on your post.

Another cool feature, you are now able to view who Liked your comments.


“Nothing is wrong with your likes on Salesforce.”

“So you’re saying no one is liking my posts?”


Also, Videos posted to Chatter can now play directly in the Feed.


Time to break out the old #whySFDCadminsDrink video.

With Lightning, up to 10 Files can be uploaded to Chatter at one time. No need to go back and forth uploading and going through the process nine more times anymore.


Salesforce servers run on coffee.


Search has gotten a bit of an update. Maybe more of a makeover than overhaul. Changes include:

  • Spell correction is now available when searching for Custom Objects.
  • Get dynamic instant results as you’re typing.
  • Ability to go back to your Top Results and any object associated to a search result without having to refresh the page.

top-results has increased functionality in Lightning. You can now create new Clean Rules and activate them from within Lightning. The less time spent switching back-and-forth with Classic, the more time you have to work those rules.

This next part is for the admins! Feel free to keep reading or hit up Trailhead to understand more about these new features.


If you’re an admin working in a Lightning environment, chances are you are almost always doing your work in Classic and testing it in Lightning. Why? Less clicks, means less time. In the new App Builder for Lightning, you no longer have to click all the way through the wizard’s steps just to add a new tab into the Navigation.


You can also set a custom logo and even branding colors under the first tab very easily. A must-see!

Best of all, now you can search in Setup straight from the Global Search!!

No need to load up the Setup page.

Last but not least in Setup, Global Picklists are now available for editing in Lightning. This is a great reason to start utilizing this feature.

Lightning Pages

A little different than Page Layouts, this feature controls the components contained within all the cool tabs on the record page. For instance, let’s say Marketing likes the Activity list to be the first on the tab list, but Sales would like the Details tab first on the list. With this release you are able to set default Lightning pages for either as a default to all Users or as a default to those users using a specific app.

Leverage this tool to optimize your users’ productivity in Salesforce.

The Wave Dashboard component is also now available to be added to Lightning Pages.


Surf the Salesforce Wave! (I’m so sorry for this joke…)

Visual Flow on Lightning Pages? Yep. Check out the new Flow Component (beta) which is now available for Lightning. Get fancy using screens and record data (i.e. get rid of those old Classic URL buttons)!


(Psst…If you can’t see your flow, you need to activate it.)

If you’ve already enabled your Flow and either are getting nothing on your screen or the old classic screen on your beautiful Lightning Experience, you can skin your Flow to run with the Lightning Theme and display the resulting Screen in Two Columns.


Not using Flow? You should be. (Click here, yo.)

Where’s the love for the developers? Here are some things devs will be into.

Apex Test Runs

Yes, that process you’re required to run before pushing to Production to make sure your world doesn’t end. You can now view additional details related to the test run through Apex Test History in Lightning.


Pass/Fail: Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass? Just like our test runs! Right? Right…?

Believe it or not, this is a very light explanation of what the new Lightning Experience has to offer. For those of you who are feeling bold (or bored), feel free check out the full Salesforce Winter ‘17 Release Notes.

Related Homework:

Read Salesforce Solutions for Businesses 101 and then, contact us to learn how we can help you implement the new features.

Salesforce “Lightning” Winter ’17 Release Notes: General Functionality

Salesforce Lightning Winter Release Notes

It has been a good summer. But now that winter is coming, it’s time to wake up, grab the hot cocoa and make the switch to Salesforce Lightning this Winter if you haven’t yet. Here’s why:

Ever since the Winter ’16 release a year ago, many of Salesforce’s users (including myself) have been on the verge of enabling and living in the Lightning Experience. But new things are scary. And they become scarier when we don’t see what we’re used to. “Why should we switch over if I get more functionality and efficiency in Classic?”

After all, the old saying goes, “Time is money, yo.”

With this latest Salesforce release, which I call Lightning: The Definitive Edition, we get something new and improved that will grant us that increase in productivity we always crave – just the thing we need to make the jump.

Just take a look at the following general functionality features only available in Salesforce Lightning this Winter:


Tabs are now at the top of the screen. Rejoice!

Not so scary-looking anymore!

Kanban List Views (Leads/Campaigns/Contracts)

View records by their Status properties visually.


…because viewing more on the screen means less clicks to find what you need.

Validation Rules

Required fields based off Status? Salesforce has you covered.

The Assistant

You know that box that reminds you of the one record that you forgot about?


Take action on it straight from the home page and set goals to get up-to-date using handy buttons. Don’t want to see it ever again? Click the little “x” to clean up your Assistant’s list.

Still with me? We’ve only touched on the Home page…the tip of the definitive Lightning iceberg.

Inline Editing

Make quick changes (without having to load a new page) to any record’s fields you have selected for display on the list view.


Small catch – you can’t edit if the view has more than one Record Type, uses OR logic, lookups and dependent pick list fields.

List Views and Select Checkbox

Now available! Bring those list view buttons and use them in the definitive edition.


(Marketing User needs to be checked on your user record.)


From within the Activities related list, you are now able to perform a variety of actions directly from the record page. Already being able to view the contents of the email on the page, you have the shortcut there to reply as quick as you can see it.


Google Calendar Integration (beta)

You don’t need to create appointments in two places anymore! There are some things it still doesn’t do, but these are in no way deal breakers. Progress is progress!

That’s it for general functionality. Up next, we’ll take a look at Reports & Dashboards and their unique experience in Salesforce Lightning!

Need a pro? Talk to our certified Salesforce consultants today.

5 Important Considerations When Implementing Pardot

Implementing Pardot 5 Factors

So you bought Pardot – now what?  

Pardot is a robust marketing automation tool that offers marketers all the customer tracking and communication bells and whistles of their dreams. Before implementing Pardot, read these five important points to keep in mind when first starting to use Pardot.

1. Who will be your Pardot Ninja?

As much as we would love to work with you indefinitely, at some point in time someone internally should own your Pardot instance. That person should be involved with implementing Pardot from the start. I highly recommend this person to be a part of your Marketing Team.  If this isn’t possible, look for someone who is keen on learning new functionality – a self-starter who is creative and has a natural curiosity for technology.

Too many times during a Pardot implementation project, I come across businesses who do not have this person picked out and sometimes do not figure it out until mid-way through the process. This tends to cause some serious lack of productivity during our consulting hours and we want you to get the most bang for your buck!

2. ROI, Analytics, and Reporting

As we all have experienced at some point in our life, nothing is given to us for free – especially when it comes to new business ventures. This is why it’s very important to have a plan on how you are going to report back your return on investment to key stakeholders.

I would ask myself: What is most important to those stakeholders – money brought in via Sales opportunities, or the amount of communication/activity received from the customer?  Is it the amount of net new leads generated via your marketing efforts?

These reporting metrics are possible in Pardot. You just need to plan ahead on how to build and organize your campaigns which will make your reporting reflect the KPIs needed.

This leads me into my next important point during a Pardot Implementation…

3. Pardot Strategy: Implementing Pardot

Too many times a P.O.A. (plan of action) or whiteboard session is forgotten when talking about marketing.  Upon implementing a new Pardot instance, I highly recommend you start with at least two basic scenarios: Net New Leads and Current Customers.  By creating new Pardot forms and generating landing pages you are bound to gain net new leads that are interested in your business.

What is your plan of these net new leads?  Do you plan to nurture them until they reach a certain level of activity that shows interest?  Do you plan to send them immediately over to your sales reps so they may reach out?  How about current customers?  Do you have a plan to keep them engaged in your product and upsell existing products that they would be interested in?

No matter what your P.O.A. is, we can help you build these scenarios out in Pardot as long as you have decided the path that works best for your business process.

4. Content

Now that we have our strategy and plan of action in place, the next step is to build it!  This can be the most exciting part of the process for some.

However, for those who do not have a clear picture in mind of whom will actually build out their content, this step may cause extreme anxiety.  This is why it’s important to know whom will build out those pretty email templates and write up those white-papers ahead of time.  Include them in the overall strategy along with any marketing goals that you wish to report on.  This will help guide them in the process of creating interesting company branded content for your potential or current customers.

5. Organization

Once the building starts taking place, you will begin to see your Pardot instance flooded with email templates, landing pages, forms, lists, etc.  Pardot has an excellent way to keep all of your marketing assets organized via folders and tags.  However, I also highly recommend you come up with a naming structure to help you group the same type of content together for easier access.

As a Pardot registered partner and Salesforce Platinum Partner, Ad Victoriam is fully prepared to team up with your business, leveraging our Salesforce proficiency to put this robust marketing automation tool to work for you. Contact our knowledgeable Pardot consultants to learn more about how we can help.

5 Questions to Answer Before Implementing a Salesforce Community

Are you considering joining the millions of customers who have subscribed to Salesforce? Before you start trying to integrating the world’s #1 CRM, it’s important to stop for a few moments and consider what an ideal Salesforce implementation looks like for your small, medium or large-scale organization.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before starting on the path to Salesforce success:

#1: Do you have a goal for what a successful community implementation would like?

That answer is important to convey to the teams that will be working together to build the Community, as it will ensure your team is heading down the right path. Now that you’ve established your vision for what the Community should look like, let’s go over the of the next decisions you’ll have to make around the project.

#2: Do you choose to use a Community Builder Template? Or, do you go with a custom Visualforce & Tabs Community Template and design the Community yourself?

Features and functionality vary based on the type of Template you choose, so this comes back to knowing the goal of your Community in helping you pick the right route. If you’re able to get away with using the Templated route, you’re opening yourself up to easier Community maintenance and constant improvements by Salesforce with every release.

For instance, just after this blog was posted, Salesforce automatically added in Reports and Dashboard components inside our Community Builder!

#3: What will your Community Members be able to do?

This relates to that first question, but goes deeper. Not only do you need to think about the features and functionality they need to use (Knowledge, Accounts, Contacts and Cases), but also the fields and records available to them. Do certain Community users need more record access than others? Are there any one-off scenarios that need to be accounted for? It is important to setup the Community correctly with the right sharing rules in place so that users only have what they need to have access to.

I’ve seen many Communities setup incorrectly to where users had extra access to fields and data that should have been hidden. It is always easier to add more functionality and access later down the road than to take it away. The type of access and permissions you need to give your Community users determines what type of Licensing you’ll need. There are feature differences between Customer Community and Customer Community Plus that you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of before choosing which Licensing option will work best.

#4: How do you plan on training your Community users?

Is there going to be a tutorial for them? Will you host a webinar? Or, something else? The type and complexity of your Community will have a big impact on how much training is needed, but don’t brush over this important part of your implementation.

#5: What happens Post Go-Live?

Does your company have an internal team that can manage it? Are you going to need to work with a certified Salesforce Partner? Or, will it be a combination of those two options that you’ll use to maintain your Community? Make sure everyone understands their role with the Community and you’ll ensure that your Community continues to run smoothly.

Answers to All Your Salesforce Questions

If you’re considering a Salesforce implementation and have questions or concerns, contact Ad Victoriam Solutions for answers. We are an official Salesforce partner, and the customer experience is highly important to us. Let us can help you maximize the potential of your Salesforce technology.

Automating Salesforce for Your Benefit: Part 1 – Workflows

workflow automation icon: Ad Victoriam Solutions Salesforce blog


Where would Salesforce be if it did not perform our desired tasks in the background? Better yet, where would we be?

Webster defines automatic as “largely or wholly involuntary.”

The automation that Salesforce solutions are capable of is the epitome of this definition with its different processes that come in many different shapes and sizes. This functionality of Salesforce can be used to create something as easy as a Workflow that updates a field, or as complex as a Login Flow (see our Login Flow blog) that can send Users to different screens depending on their Profile.

Workflows Overview

Workflows are a great starting location for streamlining your company’s business. If you are looking for automation that is initiated from a record creation or change, this could be what you’re looking for! Be sure to examine your goals for this automation since Workflows are only able to update a field on a record, send a notification email, create a task, and send outbound messages.

In addition to these features, Workflows also allow you to add time triggers and time-dependent actions for those items you need taken care of in the future.

The Fun Stuff

Now that we’ve covered a 50,000 foot overview of Workflows, let’s talk about a use case that you can use to leverage your Salesforce Org.

Workflows with other automation

Do you have Users that don’t like to login to their Salesforce? Do you want to email these Users every day to prompt them to login? We can accomplish this by using a combination of Workflow, Login Flow, and Visual Flow.

By using a Login Flow, we can automatically pass in the User ID to a Visual Flow:

  • Set the Login Flow to fire when a specific User’s Profile is logged in.
  • This Visual Flow will then update a custom date field on that User’s record with the current date; we’ll call that field User Last Login.
    • Be sure not to label this custom field Last Login as this standard field already exists.

So now you may be asking: Why use a custom field if there is already a standard field?

If you recall from earlier, a Workflow must be triggered by either a record creation or update. The standard field Last Login cannot be edited by a User, so we have to create that custom date field so we can edit the User record, which in turn will trigger the Workflow.

Back at it again with those Workflows!

Now that we have everything else for the process built out, we move on to the Workflow:

  • You will need to set your Evaluation Criteria to “created, and any time it’s edited to subsequently meet criteria” because we will be using time triggers and time-dependent actions.
  • The Rule Criteria will need to be set as User Last Login = TODAY.
  • Set up your time triggers and time-dependent actions for as many days after the Last Login to fire.
  • Create your email alert, select the corresponding template, and make sure the Selected Recipients contain at the value “Email Field: Email”.

From now on, everyone with the designated Profile that logs in will trigger the automation and will have at least 1, and up to 10, pending Time Based Workflows. These pending Workflows will be rescheduled every day that the User logs in.

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*Note, the above automations are accessible in Orgs that are using Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer Edition.