Multi-Cloud Solution Accelerates Sales & Advances Service Delivery

Multi-Cloud Solution Accelerates Sales & Advances Service Delivery

When the nation’s premier commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer contacted Ad Victoriam for their much-needed technology solution, they were looking to fulfill a strategic plan that would ensure that they could shore-up their existing marketplace gaps, gain 360-degree data visibility, automate tasks, and increase their competitive edge.

In addition, this manufacturer wanted a unified sales and service management platform that integrated with their ERP and a robust eCommerce system.

What they needed – and the AdVic consulting team implemented for them – was a multi-cloud Salesforce® system.

The Salesforce Multi-Cloud System Solution

Our client’s multi-cloud system solution consisted of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud™, Service Cloud™, B2B Commerce™, and Pardot™(for executing marketing initiatives), plus integration with their ERP, CTI, payment gateway system, tax calculator, and Google Analytics.

Here’s an overview of what AdVic’s Salesforce multi-cloud solution accomplished for this manufacturer:

Sales Cloud

  • Eliminated email tracking of asset warranties and quotations with an integrated system where all reps can now view and manage customer purchases, warranties, and quotations.
  • Developed efficient lead capture and tracking methodology illuminating the potential business opportunities previously lost due to process gaps. Opportunity time tracking was implemented, expediting the quotation to close the process.

Service Cloud

  • Unified service team and processes on Service Console, enhancing consistent and higher quality customer service based on real-time, comprehensive data.
  • CTI integration propelled repair call processing by triggering account information and Milestones for SLA’s, upon call connection.
  • Built custom components to expose contractor location through a visual map, speeding dispatching based on proximity.

B2B Commerce

  • Replaced the manual order entry process with the implementation of a fully branded, device-responsive eCommerce store to drive sales.

Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Solution

Developing a multi-cloud approach can be a huge benefit for many businesses that rely on the cloud for critical parts of their technology infrastructure. Here are just a few of the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy.

  • A unified 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Interact with your customers via their preferred channels.
  • Reach your customers when they want to be reached.
  • Gain insights about the products your customers are buying and how they want to purchase them in the future.
  • Adapt better to your customers’ needs.
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Robust security

And when it comes to the Salesforce Clouds, the possibilities to integrate them are endless and less challenging than using piecemealed systems. For instance, you can launch different processes from different clouds, plus it’s much easier to have them talk to each other.

Ad Victoriam’s multi-cloud Salesforce implementation and integration consultants empower organizations with custom planning that gets you the most out of your full suite of business applications. Think a multi-cloud strategy will work for your business? Let’s find out! Simply fill out the brief form below, or contact us here.

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Moving Your Business Forward with Salesforce Managed Services

Moving Your Business Forward with Salesforce Managed Services

In times of crisis, some businesses actively drive forward knowing things will bounce back. When they do, preparing for the bounce back, while choosing wisely through the uncertainty, is a balancing act.

How can you progress and choose wisely?

Many companies are taking advantage of this time to move projects such as their Salesforce, digital transformation, or other technology initiatives forward. Other companies are implementing new Salesforce Clouds or integrating their technology with other platforms. Then there are companies needing enhancements, help to implement best practices for better business alignment or troubleshooting for better adoption.

For these reasons and others, many of those companies are turning to a Managed Services model because of the wide range of benefits.

Benefits of Working with a Managed Services Team

1. Skills Sets
A certified team with expertise in data governance, analytics, reporting, system automation, custom development, and integrations – a team that can effectively address any need and frees up your staff to work on more strategic projects.

2. Innovation
A managed services partner can leverage proven strategies and tactics from other businesses and industries to innovate, solve your challenges, and create new opportunities.

3. Accessibility
A managed services team is always available to support your needs. Remember, your project doesn’t stop because somebody goes on vacation.

4. Visibility
The team can create a vision and an understanding of what your Salesforce roadmap should be to reach your short and long-term goals. Clear communication of the status of your projects occurs all along to keep you abreast of each milestone.

5. Flexibility
Most offer flexible services with monthly package options – to control costs. With Ad Victoriam’s Thrive Managed Services, you’ll enjoy this flexibility and the type of services you need when you need them. And your unused hours rolled over to the next month – making it a cost-effective solution.

The bottom line, the managed services you choose should provide the expertise, support, and solutions to help your business continue to thrive. If you’re in need of a cost-controlled flexible, yet a full-service solution to fit your exact needs without a long-term commitment, let’s talk.

Listen to Ad Victoriam’s “Salesforce Simplified” Podcast: “Thrive Managed Services for Salesforce”


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