Customer Success Stories: Leveraging Salesforce Solutions to Boost Collaboration for a Technology Solutions Provider

A premier low voltage technology solutions provider based in Tennessee recently approached the team at Ad Victoriam Solutions wondering how we could help the Sales and Project Management teams manage day-to-day activities more efficiently and give management better insight into their business’ growth. Continue reading this customer success story to learn how we were able to deliver…

The Story

Prior to Salesforce solutions, the company managed all of their opportunity and project information with a variety of spaces: homegrown databases and Excel spreadsheets. The primary goal for this project was to increase visibility across the organization and promote cross-team collaboration.

The Challenge

  • Defining a seamless Sales and Project Management process
  • Adoption of new system and resistance to change from employees
  • Automating conversion of won sales deals to active projects
  • Structure needed to follow Lead to Account to Opportunity to Contract and allow changes to all levels

Customer Success Solution

  • Seamless, consistent Lightning Interface updates to assist with adoption
  • Lead and Opportunity Sales Paths highlighting important data for each stage
  • Custom Object to capture site information for each account to be used on opportunities
  • Approval processes based on opportunity margin
  • AppExchange installations:
    • Milestones PM
    • CalendarAnything
  • Visual Flow to auto-create projects based on opportunity data with predefined milestones and tasks
  • Visual Flow to create Change Orders based on parent opportunity data
  • Sales and Project Management dashboards for individuals and the management team

The Results

The company is now able to manage processes within their Salesforce platform using leads, accounts, opportunities and projects. The Sales and Project Management teams are able to better manage day-to-day activities and management has deeper visibility into their business’ progress.

“From start to finish Ad Victoriam Solutions was helpful, timely with information, and accurate,” said Director of Sales, Scott K. “The entire team was of great assistance.”

The company’s president Tom G. said:

“I would like to echo these sentiments and would add that their team was very quick to pick up on our niche industry from both a perspective of our company terms and how to merge our processes with Salesforce best practices. 

Most importantly and unlike most organizations, the AVS team communicated early and often, avoiding surprises with respect to overall project status relative to the hours purchased. We will certainly use Ad Victoriam Solutions again on any area where our needs and their offerings intersect!”

Ultimately, we accomplished the main goal: providing effective and efficient cross-team interactions.

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Customer Success Stories: Aligning a Tire Manufacturing Company with the Right Salesforce Sales Cloud Solution

Aligning Tire Manufacturer with Sales Cloud


A Tennessee tire manufacturing company provides tires and tire-based services (i.e. re-treads) for commercial trucking fleets across the private and public sector.

  • # of Employees: 51-200
  • Location: Murfreesboro, TN
  • Industry: Automotive
  • Go Live Date: 3/20/2017

Who says you can’t teach an old business new tricks? Continue reading to learn how we helped bring a Tennessee tire manufacturer set in their ways into the modern age with custom Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions and integration assistance.

The Story

The company used a historical system called Tire Power. Unfortunately, it lacked an efficient way to keep up with their core commercial sales team.

Upon hiring a new director of marketing who had prior experience with Salesforce Sales Cloud, they realized the platform could provide the structure and visibility they needed to enhance their opportunity pipeline along with tracking and logging customer visits.

The Challenge

The notion of lead and marketing management was new to the sales team as they had very little prior CRM experience. User adoption was a challenge due to a lack of technology and a majority of the team was used to doing things a certain way.

Our Solution

We solved user adoption challenges by creating a very simple customization and user interface utilizing Salesforce Lightning. We configured page layouts for a streamlined efficient approach and created global actions for everyday actions to make their job easier.

In addition to efficiency, we also implemented a basic integration with their internal POS system that pulls over sales figures each month which, in turn, rolls up to their Salesforce operational reporting.

The Results

Sales reps are now able to log visits and opportunities directly from their phone using the Salesforce1 application. Operational reports were created so that management can see where their reps are spending their time and any bottlenecks in the sales process.

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Salesforce, Visual Flow and Black Bears: A Non-Profit Volunteering Trip I’ll Never Forget

Non-Profit Salesforce Project

I just got back from spending a week volunteering for 100 Fold Studio.  They are “a non-profit architecture firm providing affordable and innovative design services to charitable organizations around the world. We are committed to demonstrating the love of Jesus by designing safe, efficient, and inspiring structures for all, regardless of religion, ethnicity or tradition.”

When I was there they were in the process of building a huge permanent stage for their community. Their Summer Studio (college-aged internship) designed and built the whole stage!  It was awesome to see one of their projects first hand.

Rewinding to earlier this year: 100 Fold, a non-profit, mentioned that they wanted to fly me out to come work in their office for a week. I’ll be getting married later this year, so needless to say vacation days are definitely tight when you add in my honeymoon.

One of the awesome things about working for Ad Victoriam is that we’re encouraged to take off 3 days (in addition to our PTO) throughout the year to volunteer our services. This initiative allowed me to really focus on 100 Fold without any work or life distractions – but more importantly, it let me develop relationships with everyone in the ministry and better understand the issues we were trying to solve.

Non-Profit Work

You might be asking yourself, “What exactly does 100 Fold use for?”  They use Salesforce for their donation management. This means they track not only who has donated to them, but also who has pledged donations for the rest of the year.  This is important because it allows them to see how they are tracking financially for the year.

We were able to build some reports and dashboards that really helped them save time with this.  Now, in just one chart they are able to see how much money has come in, how much money is pledged for the rest of the year, and what that combined amount is.

So based on that combined amount they are now able to see if they need to go raise more support or if they are on-track for their goal.  Essentially this is what a Sales organization does with their quotas!

If they have donations that come in via checks, 100 Fold will have to manually enter this data into Salesforce.  When you’re referring to multiple objects (Contacts, Donations, Recurring Donations), this can get complicated and take some time.  So, we worked together to make a Visual Flow of their process.  The great thing about a Visual Flow is that you can present the user with only the needed fields based on their inputs.  This boils down saving time and sanity!

Below, you can see our finished Flow.  There were quite a lot of moving parts, but we accomplished all of this while I was onsite in Montana!


100 Fold is based out of Youth with a Mission’s (YWAM) Lakeside, Montana campus.  For those of you not familiar with Lakeside, this is roughly 45 minutes from Glacier National Park!

100 Fold was nice enough to let me borrow one of their cars and trek out to Glacier National Park from Friday to Sunday.  This was an amazing adventure.  As I was hiking through Glacier, I felt like I was on a safari! I saw a wolf, black bears, bighorn sheep, and much more!

The picture was taken on a side trail from the populated Hidden Lake trail. My hair is the only evidence left of the strongest wind I’ve ever experienced.  It was a fantastic trip from both the volunteering side and the play side.  I am looking forward to my next trip out!