Multi-Cloud Solution Accelerates Sales & Advances Service Delivery

Multi-Cloud Solution Accelerates Sales & Advances Service Delivery

When the nation’s premier commercial refrigeration equipment manufacturer contacted Ad Victoriam for their much-needed technology solution, they were looking to fulfill a strategic plan that would ensure that they could shore-up their existing marketplace gaps, gain 360-degree data visibility, automate tasks, and increase their competitive edge.

In addition, this manufacturer wanted a unified sales and service management platform that integrated with their ERP and a robust eCommerce system.

What they needed – and the AdVic consulting team implemented for them – was a multi-cloud Salesforce® system.

The Salesforce Multi-Cloud System Solution

Our client’s multi-cloud system solution consisted of Salesforce’s Sales Cloud™, Service Cloud™, B2B Commerce™, and Pardot™(for executing marketing initiatives), plus integration with their ERP, CTI, payment gateway system, tax calculator, and Google Analytics.

Here’s an overview of what AdVic’s Salesforce multi-cloud solution accomplished for this manufacturer:

Sales Cloud

  • Eliminated email tracking of asset warranties and quotations with an integrated system where all reps can now view and manage customer purchases, warranties, and quotations.
  • Developed efficient lead capture and tracking methodology illuminating the potential business opportunities previously lost due to process gaps. Opportunity time tracking was implemented, expediting the quotation to close the process.

Service Cloud

  • Unified service team and processes on Service Console, enhancing consistent and higher quality customer service based on real-time, comprehensive data.
  • CTI integration propelled repair call processing by triggering account information and Milestones for SLA’s, upon call connection.
  • Built custom components to expose contractor location through a visual map, speeding dispatching based on proximity.

B2B Commerce

  • Replaced the manual order entry process with the implementation of a fully branded, device-responsive eCommerce store to drive sales.

Benefits of a Multi-Cloud Solution

Developing a multi-cloud approach can be a huge benefit for many businesses that rely on the cloud for critical parts of their technology infrastructure. Here are just a few of the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy.

  • A unified 360-degree view of your customer.
  • Interact with your customers via their preferred channels.
  • Reach your customers when they want to be reached.
  • Gain insights about the products your customers are buying and how they want to purchase them in the future.
  • Adapt better to your customers’ needs.
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Robust security

And when it comes to the Salesforce Clouds, the possibilities to integrate them are endless and less challenging than using piecemealed systems. For instance, you can launch different processes from different clouds, plus it’s much easier to have them talk to each other.

Ad Victoriam’s multi-cloud Salesforce implementation and integration consultants empower organizations with custom planning that gets you the most out of your full suite of business applications. Think a multi-cloud strategy will work for your business? Let’s find out! Simply fill out the brief form below, or contact us here.

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5 Reasons Your Team Needs Salesforce Maps

5 Reasons Your Team Needs Salesforce Maps

Not aware of Salesforce Maps? In a nutshell, using Salesforce Maps allows sales reps to make more money at their desks or in the field. They can free up more time to sell by decreasing time spent planning, driving, and tracking field activities. Utilizing Salesforce Maps (formerly MapAnything) turns the Salesforce experience interactive by displaying all of your Salesforce data on a map. Your teams can easily visualize all of your accounts, log calls, send emails, and create new events/tasks directly from the map.

The Big Five

So if an all-encompassing data visualization, routing and scheduling, and optimized lead generation system is collectively missing from your sales process, here are five reasons that make Salesforce Maps integration – which Ad Victoriam is accredited for – a no-brainer for your team’s success.

1. Map-Based Visualization

Better understand hard-to-find data on a map-based interface and make location-driven decisions that drive productivity. Also, uncover new opportunities to produce revenue by seeing which accounts are nearby anchor accounts while planning a sales route.

2. Optimized Routing

When you have the ability to optimize routing, you can build and launch routes that cut down on windshield time, cross-town driving, and lower mileage or gas costs. In addition, you will ensure timely arrival to high-value prospects and customers, thus building robust pipelines using accurate prospect data and territory visualization.

3. Prioritized Scheduling

A seven-day schedule can be optimized with visits prioritized based on Einstein or Pardot scores, or potential revenue to spend the most time with the most valuable customers and prospects. From there, easily view the schedule via exchange-based calendars on mobile or desktop.

4. Lead Generation

With a Salesforce Maps integration, you have the ability to access necessary data to turbocharge your prospecting efforts and marketing campaigns. You also have the ability to fill schedule gaps with nearby opportunities and more.

5. Mobile Compatibility

While on the road, you can easily automate the admin processes, like check-in and check-out, via a mobile device. Additionally, your team can utilize voice command turn-by-turn directions and turn on real-time traffic alerts to safely maintain productivity.

Is extending the power of your sales and service professionals your challenge? Ad Victoriam’s certified consultants can integrate a Salesforce Maps intelligence solution for you starting today! Just fill out the form below, or click here and we’ll connect with you quickly!


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How FLUX Pumps Cut Their Sales Cycle in Half

Manufacturing Sales Cycle

The FLUX name has been synonymous with pump technology for more than 60 years. It was the invention of the first electric drum pump that sparked the creation of company. Since its inception, FLUX, headquartered in the beautiful black forest region of southern Germany, has grown to employ more than 150 highly skilled men and women worldwide, established seven wholly owned subsidiaries, and maintains sales partnerships in more than 70 countries.

One of those wholly owned subsidiaries, FLUX Pumps Corporation North America, anchored in Georgia, services the United States, Canada and Mexico, and began working with Ad Victoriam Solutions (AdVic) in early 2015 and remains a top customer today; they were actually Ad Victoriams' second customer!

Cutting the Sales Cycle in Half

The original project AdVic initiated for FLUX was to implement a much-needed Salesforce Sales Cloud solution. The company’s nine team members in their North American division were responsible for servicing 3,000 distributors. They literally did not know who their customers were as their way of managing contacts consisted of scanning business cards filed away in a shoe box. They did have an accounting system, they could send an invoice, but that was it. No spreadsheets, nothing. They really were starting at zero, and worst of all, they had no real meaningful or efficient way of communicating with their customer base.

Commenting on the success of the initial AdVic solution for their company, FLUX North American President Pete Fujimoto remarked, “AdVic exceeded our expectations for sure. They got us set up to use the basic functionality to help us manage our sales process.” He shared that in the past four plus years revenues for their division have skyrocketed 20% year over year, and even more in some territories. Fujimoto added, “The previous sales cycle of 30-40 days was cut in half, down to the teens, and conversions doubled! We could not have done this without AdVic and their Salesforce solution. AdVic helped us become loud in our space, gain much-needed attention, and showed us how to nurture leads that turned into sales.”

Pardot Marketing Automation Enhancement

In addition to implementing a well-thought out and successful process automation structure for FLUX, AdVic has since helped this leader in the field of pump technology to implement Salesforce’s Pardot Marketing Automation, which is driving even more new business. Now, using marketing automation, FLUX sales team members are sending an average of two emails a month to every one of their more than 3,000 customers, creating more sales opportunities. Before this functionality, each FLUX team member was only able to communicate with a handful of their 800 clients monthly.

Fujimoto stated, “Opportunities increased for us by 50% in the first year. We used to get 10 opportunities a month, now we’re getting 20 or more.” And he admits that they are still in their infancy with their AdVic/Salesforce solution. “There is more and more that we can do to grow.”

Advice to Others when Choosing a Salesforce Partner from Fujimoto

“To this day we still meet weekly with Ad Victoriam to think and explore more solutions. We work together. This is not a project; this is a relationship. They are not a vendor; they are a true partner who took the time to know our business. That is why we have continually worked with them for more than 4 years. The Ad Victoriam team finds a way to work within our system and makes things happen; they know solutions based on their knowledge of our business and are positive, creative, and supportive in every way. We always feel valued.”

Looking for a Salesforce partner that learns your business to provide a successful, long-term solution for your business? If so, please complete the form to find out more.



Pardot Email Marketing: Keep More Subscribers

Email Marketing

Acquiring and keeping email subscribers is a top email marketing goal. It's a good thing that Pardot can help! Leverage Pardot's Email Preference Center so you can keep more subscribers. Read how!

Ways Pardot’s Helps You Keep more Email Subscribers

Keep Your Email Subscribers. The Email Preference Center allows your email subscribers to manage their email subscription. Without a good Email Preference Center your subscribers only have two options: receive all of your emails or unsubscribe entirely. In the personalization age, giving prospects control over what content they receive helps you keep them happy, and subscribed!

Protect Against Unintentional Unsubscribes. Email marketing specialists have seen a rise in the number of spam filters that “click” all of the links in an email to check to see if they are valid links. If your email contains a one-click unsubscribe link, your prospects could be unintentionally unsubscribed. With an Email Preference Center, prospects can still unsubscribe from your emails, but it will confirm their choice which prevents spam filters from unsubscribing on their behalf.

Email Preference Center How To’s

Setting Up the Email Preference Center. Pardot makes it easy to create and manage multiple Email Preference Centers. Out of the box, this is your Pardot preference Center:

Pardot Email Marketing

This default option doesn’t provide subscription list options for your prospects to choose from. With only the opt-out option, you are likely to lose the subscriber all together. Not something any email marketer wants!

Enhance Your Email Preference Center. To add subscription options to your Email Preference Center within Pardot, navigate to Marketing > Segmentation > Lists. Then, create a new list. Select the Public List check checkbox to display this list in the Email Preference Center, enter the subscription name in the Label field, and write a brief explanation of what subscribers can expect to receive when subscribed to this list in the Description field.

Pardot Email Marketing

You can add as many options to your preference center as you need (see the “after” example below), you can even create custom preference centers for different users (a great solution if you have emails just for internal users or partners). Be sure you aren’t creating list options that don’t have any emails to go with it. You don’t want people signing up to receive a monthly newsletter if you’re not sending one out!

Pardot Email Marketing


Email Marketing Inspiration & IdeasPardot Tips Button



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CRM Strategies Streamline Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing CRM Strategy

We all know that shrimp goes with grits, snow goes with winter, and butter goes with popcorn. But at one corporation, there was no such synergy. The problem was, North America’s largest manufacturer of equipment pads and a leading manufacturer for the HVACR industry had to find a way to sync their Canadian-based operations with their existing U.S.A. systems; they wanted to become one. To do so, they needed to streamline their quotation methodology, standardize processes, gain visibility into their opportunity pipeline, and automate tasks, but how do they go about tackling such a monumental task?

CRM Strategies to the Rescue

The Client contacted the AVS Salesforce Consulting team, who, after extensive evaluation of their needs, immediately got to work and created winning CRM solutions:

Sales Cloud & Back Office Integration 

AVS streamlined the Client’s operating processes between Canada and U.S.A. divisions into one single CRM platform, and provided a 360-degree customer view to maximize productivity and control expenditures through the integration of Sales Cloud and the corporate ERP.

CPQ Quote to Cash

Quote to Cash CPQ Implementation

AVS created multi-step processes eliminating manual tasks driving a faster and simpler quote approval processes. AVS also developed a centralized pricing functionality and automated approval rules enabling discounting capabilities and creation of custom pricing.

Opportunity Pipeline with Field Access

The AVS team tailored a fast and simple opportunity methodology providing visibility to the opportunity pipeline, and implemented Salesforce Mobile, which accelerated opportunity management to drive sales.

Workflow Lead Nurturing Pardot

Pardot Deployment

The AVS consultants deployed an automated marketing solution – Salesforce’s Pardot – for tracking prospects and engagement to deploy targeted messages for improved prospect nurturing.

So, how did we do? The Client’s Salesforce CRM Administrator couldn’t have paid AVS a higher compliment: “Best consulting firm we’ve used. On time, on budget, and no BS.”

If Salesforce is not empowering your business the way you need it to, contact us for a FREE Discovery Call to see if we can help. Or, if you are interested in learning more about how we’ve helped other manufacturers, continue reading.


Ad Victoriam Solutions Consultants work as a dedicated, innovative team of problem solvers, taking on your technology challenges. We are 
Salesforce CRM cloud and data consultants who customize our approach to design strategic solutions that increase efficiency, accelerate productivity and enable scalability. 

Customer Success Stories: Securing Scalability for a Residential Home Builder Through Pardot


A residential home builder that constructs high-end, luxury and customizable houses recently expanded to also build lower price point starter residential homes with fewer customized options.

  • # of Employees: 500-1000
  • Location: Roswell, GA
  • Industry: Real Estate
  • Go Live Date: 12/12/2016

A residential home builder in Georgia recently expanded their organization with a new business unit. They chose to partner with us because they needed to track all lead-to-deal sales within their existing database, along with implementing a marketing automation solution that would segment their new business unit prospects from their current customers and leads.

Read this case study to see the results:

The Story

A local real estate developer decided to bring on a new business unit. Rather than sharing two databases, however, they wanted everything inside of one Salesforce organization. There were numerous technological obstacles we had to overcome in order to achieve this.

The Challenge

  • There were two separate business processes per business unit (BU).
  • One BU’s sales processes were much quicker than the other.
  • One BU didn’t have an internet concierge to set appointments and instead passed this task over to the Customer Service Manager who then divvied it out to reps.
  • Even though reduced visibility to end sales user at an executive level was set up well, they still needed to be able to achieve a 360 degree view of all BU’s.
  • They had two Pardot instances – each managing one unit’s prospects – but they wanted to pass it all into one Salesforce org.
  • Their Salesforce org was mature and required lots of data and customization to be updated.
  • Automation led to many errors and third-party apps were confusing the data.
  • Customer did not have visibility into what lived in their system and why. We had to conduct an extensive analysis.
  • Batch jobs were timing out due to tasks reaching their limits.
  • They gave us a tight timeline of a month.

Our Solution

  • We performed a comprehensive analysis to understand back-end processes.
  • We deployed complex sharing and permission settings.
  • We configured different record types and sharing settings to reduce visibility as well as optimize the lead and opportunity processes.
  • We took into account different end user roles when setting and configuring sharing settings.
  • We optimized the client’s code and workflow automation.
  • We combined and consolidated page layout fields to be more generic for use across multiple BU’s in order to increase scalability should they continue bringing on more Business Units
  • By reducing permissions and visibility for Pardot integration users and adjusting sharing rules, we were able to ensure data synced with the correct BU.
  • We also had to adjust record types that the integration user had access to. We wanted to ensure that only the correct Salesforce end user would see the Business Unit they were apart of.
  • We consolidated automations by eliminating conflicting and duplicate automations in different formats.

The Value/Results

  • We gave the client one Salesforce org to maintain for efficiency and reduced overhead costs.
  • We gave client greater visibility into multiple business units while still respecting sharing settings.
  • We implemented two separate marketing automation Pardot apps that the client can manage separately on the marketing end, which helps keeps them more organized.
  • We facilitated Pardot setup and configuration for the new BU.

Scalability is key to the future success of any business. By leveraging enterprise solutions like Salesforce, Pardot and marketing automation tools, we were able to help this residential home builder create a sustainable blueprint for expansion.

To learn how we can help leverage enterprise technology to help your business grow, talk to our expert consultants today.

Customer Success Stories: ADDO Partners with AVS for Salesforce and Pardot Implementation


ADDO (Latin for “inspire”) is a consulting agency that helps businesses and brands ideate and activate initiatives to enhance leadership and social impact. They create “ways for companies to maximize ‘doing business’ while ‘doing good’ to deliver tangible, sustainable and measurable engagement with customers and their communities.”

  • # of Employees: 1-10
  • Location: Atlanta, GA
  • Industry: Management Consulting
  • Go Live Date: 3/1/2016
  • Website:

Recently, we were thrilled to partner with a leading marketing consulting firm here in our hometown of Atlanta, GA. By leveraging Salesforce and Pardot solutions, our team was able to add value to this organization.

Continue reading the case study to learn how…

The Story

Ad Victoriam Solutions was hired to work with ADDO to deploy Salesforce and Pardot solutions for their high school leadership program. As a management consulting agency, ADDO was hired to facilitate relationships between nearby chain restaurant locations and local high schools. The system needed to capture data on high schools, school staff members and the chain restaurant locations across the country.

Prior to Salesforce, the company managed all of their contact, account and opportunity information within Excel spreadsheets. The primary goal for this project was to increase visibility across the organization and streamline workflow for easier day-to-day task management.

The Challenge


  • Capture data for the following types of records:
    • Chain restaurant locations
    • Chain restaurant management
    • Nationwide high schools
    • School administration contacts
  • Create a dashboard to deliver summary information to the chain restaurant headquarters
  • Streamline process from lead to committed high school
  • Assist with Task Management


  • Prevent duplicate accounts from being created based on store location numbers
  • Associate school contacts with restaurant sponsors based on store location numbers
  • Automate task creation based on Pardot forms submitted and “Lead vs. Contact” records

Our Solution

  • Installed Package – GoLocal
  • Pardot’s Salesforce Connector setup and integration to allow end users to see marketing metrics and engage with their prospects at the time of interest.
  • Pardot Training on forms, landing pages, automation rules and lists
  • Visual Flow to automate task creation based on various data elements

The Value/Results

ADDO is now able to manage tasks and relationships within Salesforce and Pardot using leads, accounts and opportunities. The leadership team is able to better facilitate day-to-day activities and management has greater visibility into program success.

“Thank you to you and your team, said John Hightower, Director of Partners and Process at ADDO. “Brian and Imani were excellent yesterday and our team felt like they truly listened and grasp the details of our business.”

Ultimately, Ad Victoriam Solutions was able to accomplish the main goal – providing a solid structure to facilitate success, sustainability, and increased efficiency.

A big shout out to ADDO for partnering with us. Glad we could help! Contact Ad Victoriam Solutions if we can help you leverage technology to achieve your business goals.

5 Important Considerations When Implementing Pardot

Implementing Pardot 5 Factors

So you bought Pardot – now what?  

Pardot is a robust marketing automation tool that offers marketers all the customer tracking and communication bells and whistles of their dreams. Before implementing Pardot, read these five important points to keep in mind when first starting to use Pardot.

1. Who will be your Pardot Ninja?

As much as we would love to work with you indefinitely, at some point in time someone internally should own your Pardot instance. That person should be involved with implementing Pardot from the start. I highly recommend this person to be a part of your Marketing Team.  If this isn’t possible, look for someone who is keen on learning new functionality – a self-starter who is creative and has a natural curiosity for technology.

Too many times during a Pardot implementation project, I come across businesses who do not have this person picked out and sometimes do not figure it out until mid-way through the process. This tends to cause some serious lack of productivity during our consulting hours and we want you to get the most bang for your buck!

2. ROI, Analytics, and Reporting

As we all have experienced at some point in our life, nothing is given to us for free – especially when it comes to new business ventures. This is why it’s very important to have a plan on how you are going to report back your return on investment to key stakeholders.

I would ask myself: What is most important to those stakeholders – money brought in via Sales opportunities, or the amount of communication/activity received from the customer?  Is it the amount of net new leads generated via your marketing efforts?

These reporting metrics are possible in Pardot. You just need to plan ahead on how to build and organize your campaigns which will make your reporting reflect the KPIs needed.

This leads me into my next important point during a Pardot Implementation…

3. Pardot Strategy: Implementing Pardot

Too many times a P.O.A. (plan of action) or whiteboard session is forgotten when talking about marketing.  Upon implementing a new Pardot instance, I highly recommend you start with at least two basic scenarios: Net New Leads and Current Customers.  By creating new Pardot forms and generating landing pages you are bound to gain net new leads that are interested in your business.

What is your plan of these net new leads?  Do you plan to nurture them until they reach a certain level of activity that shows interest?  Do you plan to send them immediately over to your sales reps so they may reach out?  How about current customers?  Do you have a plan to keep them engaged in your product and upsell existing products that they would be interested in?

No matter what your P.O.A. is, we can help you build these scenarios out in Pardot as long as you have decided the path that works best for your business process.

4. Content

Now that we have our strategy and plan of action in place, the next step is to build it!  This can be the most exciting part of the process for some.

However, for those who do not have a clear picture in mind of whom will actually build out their content, this step may cause extreme anxiety.  This is why it’s important to know whom will build out those pretty email templates and write up those white-papers ahead of time.  Include them in the overall strategy along with any marketing goals that you wish to report on.  This will help guide them in the process of creating interesting company branded content for your potential or current customers.

5. Organization

Once the building starts taking place, you will begin to see your Pardot instance flooded with email templates, landing pages, forms, lists, etc.  Pardot has an excellent way to keep all of your marketing assets organized via folders and tags.  However, I also highly recommend you come up with a naming structure to help you group the same type of content together for easier access.

As a Pardot registered partner and Salesforce Platinum Partner, Ad Victoriam is fully prepared to team up with your business, leveraging our Salesforce proficiency to put this robust marketing automation tool to work for you. Contact our knowledgeable Pardot consultants to learn more about how we can help.

Ad Victoriam Solutions, a Salesforce partner, is now also a registered Pardot partner

Salesforce Pardot Registered Partner

What it means to be a certified Pardot partner

We’ve all heard the phrase – “There is no I in Team.”  To succeed, it takes not just a WE, but a P. P for Partnership.

Building partnerships is part of our core values here at Ad Victoriam Solutions and because of this we are excited to announce that we have been inducted into the Salesforce® Pardot Partner Program.

The Salesforce Pardot Partner Program is strategically designed to allow only the most knowledgeable and skilled firms.  In addition, they ensure that the partnering firm is a customer-centric company by requiring CSAT’s (Customer Satisfaction Surveys) and Customer Stories along with holding a Pardot Consultant Certification.  The certification is extremely important as it showcases a firm’s knowledge at not only implementing the solution but providing marketing strategy and best practices.

Even though we just recently received the official partnership, we are no rookies to Pardot implementations.  Our expertise spans back to 2012, one year prior to Salesforce’s ExactTarget/Pardot acquisition. We are very familiar with how Pardot and Salesforce solutions play together and how each of the solutions may complement the other.

Our main goal during the implementation is end-user training.  We succeed if you succeed, and for us to build-out everything and not show you how would be detrimental to our core values as a customer company.

In addition to extensive training, a typical Pardot solution implemented by us starts with a mile-stone plan of tasks and objectives.  We organize the plan by weeks so you and your team know when and what to expect ahead of time.  For the duration of our partnership you will find we focus on items including, but not limited to, social posts, emails, landing pages, automation rules, drip campaigns, lead scoring and grading, user-setup, Salesforce CRM integration and Salesforce Engage.

We also have expertise in guiding you through the technical set-up Pardot requires and additional support for the Pardot connectors such as WordPress.  One of our favorite parts of educating our clients on Pardot is when they are walked through each section step by step and they visualize the easy-to-use interface.

It truly brings us great pleasure when our customers become proficient utilizing the solution.

All in all, we can’t think of a better company to partner with.  We are ecstatic to be one of the rare firms to receive this honorary feather in our cap!  Contact us for more information or to speak to one of our certified Pardot Consultants today.