Multi-Cloud Integration Improves Customer Experience

Multi-Cloud Integration Improves Customer Experience

A leading behavioral health company that focuses on chronic to acute health conditions recently contacted the Ad Victoriam Solutions Multi-Cloud Team because they were in desperate need to enhance their internal team efficiencies, while also finding a way to improve their customer experiences. They did their homework and found out about our deep multi-cloud experience, and our years of expertise with EAP’s (Employee Assistance Programs).

The Client’s Quandary

This health sector company’s difficulties centered around their inability to work efficiently and effectively with their legacy case management system. They knew it was holding back their productivity, as it was clunky, slow, and required a lot of work arounds, plus it also had search and security limitations. They reached out to Ad Victoriam, not just based on our multi-cloud experience, but for our expertise with EAP’s.

The AdVic Multi-Cloud Fix

Implementation of Salesforce’s Health Cloud™, Sales Cloud™, and Service Cloud™, plus Shield Platform Encryption & Event Monitoring, along with the integration of phone and chat apps, made a significant impact on their business. AdVic’s resolution specifically included:

  • Migrated more than 200K case records/fields from multiple tables into Salesforce® after an extensive data cleansing process which significantly increased data integrity and usability.
  • Configured Sales and Service Cloud enabling clients to decrease reliance on manual process for safety screenings and customer questionnaires.
  • Built custom provider ranking and search functionality, which displayed best-fit providers based on geographic location (point to point rather than Zip Code-based), feedback, gender, and session allotment/utilization, etc.
  • HIPAA-compliant safeguards established, including password-protected authorization sheet transfer (Salesforce to Provider), and security event monitoring to quickly detect breaches.
  • Linked people records to families through Health Cloud’s Household functionality to establish patient/family record access levels based on patient permissions.
  • Tailored dashboards by client to furnish service utilization data to each customer.

Ad Victoriam’s multi-cloud Salesforce implementation and integration consultants empower organizations with custom planning that gets you the most out of your full suite of business applications. Think a multi-cloud strategy will work for your business? Let’s find out!

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When Outsourcing a Salesforce Implementation Makes Sense

When Outsourcing a Salesforce Implementation Makes Sense

Are you still kicking around the “Does outsourcing our Salesforce® implementation make sense” question in your company’s executive sessions?

Ad Victoriam Solutions knows there is no simple answer to that question. A decision to outsource is a strategic, tactical, and financial choice. The answer to the question has to be based on your own company’s internal structure, talent, needs, and goals.

Outsourcing Considerations

Perhaps you are looking to reduce and control your operating expenses, improve company focus, gain access to expertise, or free internal resources for other purposes. And it may also be that the experienced resources within your company are hard to find or are just not available.

If, in the end, you decide that outsourcing your Salesforce implementation makes sense, the next – and most important question is – what should you be looking for in a Salesforce implementation partner?

The RIGHT Salesforce Implementation Partner Has…

The Skill Set You Need: Your partner needs to have expertise in custom development, integrations, system automation, data governance, reporting, and more, to implement any feature or functionality needed.

The Experience You Need: Your partner should possess a wide range of industry and cloud computing experience, giving them the intellectual toolbox to offer alternative perspectives proven to drive success metrics.

The Accessibility You Need: Your partner should be available to support your needs – your project doesn’t stop just because somebody goes on vacation.

The Communication You Need: Your partner should hold scheduled calls and provide updates along with demos to keep you abreast of each milestone. That way, you know exactly how your project is progressing and there are no surprises.

The Staffing You Need: Your partner should be well-staffed with a deep bench of certified Salesforce professionals – able to handle multi-cloud systems and integrations – ensuring that your implementation project remains on target.

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Ad Victoriam Solutions, a top recognized Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2014, checks off all of the implementation partner boxes above, and more. Our passionate and knowledgeable team of certified Salesforce professionals across the country is standing by to accelerate your successful implementation project starting today.


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Making Smarter Decisions with 360-Degree Data

Making Smarter Decisions with 360-Degree Data

A nationally-recognized healthcare service organization recently presented Ad Victoriam with a three-prong challenge. In the end, we quickly and successfully resolved all of them. Doing so allowed them to make smarter decisions with 360-degree data to help drive sales and recapture market share.

The Three-Prong Challenge

The first AdVic challenge centered around this healthcare organization’s sales team’s lack of access to 360-degree, up-to-date data as they visited clinics nationwide.  This was causing them to lose market share.

The company also needed an effective sales tool to attract and engage new hires to combat its high employee attrition rate.

And lastly, management needed to automate processes and increase visibility into key referral KPI’s. Their goal was to decrease manual intervention and make smarter decisions.

Steps to 360-Degree Data

AdVic’s resolution was the implementation and integration of Salesforce Health Cloud™ and Maps™ with the Client’s back-office system. It was complemented by these carefully-crafted additional steps:

  • Integration of clinical data with the Client’s patient and physician referral data – based on HIPPA guidelines. This provided needed visibility for sales reps to combat lost market share.
  • Connected physician data through Person Accounts to Clinic Accounts and corresponding patient data. The exposure of referral KPI’s, based on patient-physician relationships linked to the Clinic Accounts, provided management with desired data insights in dashboards to drive performance and business decisions.
  • Created data layers for clinics within Salesforce Maps to give the sales team productive meeting schedules and easy access to top data points that accelerated productivity.

As we did with this client, Ad Victoriam’s experienced multi-cloud Consulting Team is ready to apply their knowledge and passion to help you drive your sales initiatives and recapture your market share. Let’s connect today so you can gain access to your 360-degree data!

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