Income-Generating API Strategies for Retailers

Income-Generating API Strategies for Retailers

Now more than ever, customers are integrating the retail brands they love into their everyday lives. And they are doing it through mobile, web, social, app, and in-person interactions with retailers.

So, what’s happening behind the scenes in each of these interactions? APIs (application programming interfaces) are… And that’s why it’s increasingly critical for innovative retailers that want to reach customers in new ways to develop and execute successful API strategies.

So, when developing your API strategy, here are several steps retailers should consider:

Build a Single View of the Customer

A common problem with a growing business is that you often outgrow the systems that track your customers. With the limited capacity to upgrade and properly synchronize these sources of customer data, many times you end up with small silos of specific data: customers, orders, loyalty, etc. Retrieving that data into a single view is difficult to achieve with conventional tools that are used by most retail businesses.

MuleSoft® is a top platform that can bring these disparate systems together and present them in a single, 360-degree view. This gives you the insight your business needs to truly know your customers. MuleSoft’s API-led architecture allows systems to be brought together as needed and utilized as one single powerful tool for retailers.

Optimize the Supply Chain

Using MuleSoft to monitor and control your supply chain will allow for powerful insight into your inventories, orders, and products. Real-time information can be provided to customers, sales teams, operations, or whoever needs to know to grow your business. The power of instant information will translate into more efficient use of your inventories. It will also help you avoid the problems associated with traditional product management tools.

Develop Better Data Orchestration for Reporting

In addition to an omnichannel view of your customers, the same tools and APIs that were created to allow for customer insight can be reused to create an accurate and timely data source for your reporting, accounting, or auditing needs. MuleSoft’s reusability means quicker to-market times for your development. That translates into a better bottom line for your IT needs. The power of unlocking your data can take your business to the next level.

Offer Contactless Engagement

As you go about developing your API strategy, double-down on digital commerce. Also, plan on offering your customers the ability to take advantage of contactless engagement (mobile/wearable payments, inside and curbside pickup, tap-and-go card payments).

Nowadays, not only are your customers expecting the ease of a contactless engagement experience with you, it makes them feel safe and secure while completing their transactions.

And beyond offering your customers a convenient, secure method of payment, mobile payments can also help expand your customer base. This ensures your business achieves greater success on its journey to growth.

As a certified MuleSoft consulting partner, Ad Victoriam’s integration experts understand the complexities of enterprise integrations, both on-premise and in the cloud. We simplify complex integration scenarios, integrate disparate systems, and provide a scalable architecture that your retail business can grow with. So, are you ready to get connected? Talk to a certified MuleSoft consultant today!


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YANMAR Returns for a MuleSoft Integration

YANMAR Returns for a MuleSoft Integration

The YANMAR America and Ad Victoriam partnership dates back to May 2017. YANMAR is a recognized leader in the design and manufacturing of diesel engines and diesel-powered equipment. They were referred to AdVic for their solution directly by Salesforce®.

At the time, YANMAR Business Systems Manager, Brian Williams explained, “We were very guarded against repeating our previous Salesforce failures. We shared these past developments and adoption challenges with Salesforce, and asked that they provide us a partner with a strong skill-set, reputation, and experience in our industry - which is why we were referred to AdVic.”

Initial Project Recap

Learn why AdVic's initial project with YANMAR was not just a one-off project.

Most Recent Project

For YANMAR’s most recent project with the AdVic team, the focus was a MuleSoft® API integration that helped pass Salesforce information to their internal systems. It was centered around creating a Salesforce Community, whereby YANMAR’s distributors and dealers would have the ability to log in to the Community and perform some of their most important processes that were previously done manually. Those new processing abilities include:

  1. The ability to create various types of orders online catering to all of YANMAR’s divisions. This introduced convenience to the customer, visibility on status, and improved processing speed.
  2. The ability to submit a RePower quote request. Both the process itself and research needed along the way was extremely tedious and time-consuming. AdVic used systems to automate both the process and most areas of "research." Once a dealer submits a request through the new community, they have already completed many of the steps that were once manually handled internally.
  3. The ability for their dealers to more easily process/submit/track rebate requests and issued payments on products. This was previously a labor-intensive, manual process. The rebate solution was one of the most important elements of this project for YANMAR Being able to effectively manage and process earned rebates is vital to servicing their dealers and keeping them satisfied.
  4. Implementing a marketing budgeting solution for Marketing Co-Op, where YANMAR dealers can submit pre-approvals and claims on their allocated marketing budgets for better management, as well as payment reporting.
  5. Enhanced YANMAR’s Case submission process by giving their dealers the ability to log in to the Community and submit different types of cases based on their needs with case deflection via the company’s shared Knowledge database. Dealers then receive quick resolutions and answers to keep their business moving forward.

The Benefits

Previously, YANMAR’s distributors would have to handle their processes through emails, faxes, spreadsheets, and phone calls. But now, YANMAR's new Salesforce Partner Community, YANMAR/One, provides its distributors and dealers with self-service capabilities. This has reduced paperwork and streamlined communications expediting case resolution.

There are even areas within the Community where dealers can actively comment on Cases and receive notifications from their YANMAR rep. This allowed the internal rep and dealer to have a conversation directly in the Community. That is helpful when there is a need for specific questions, as opposed to utilizing a phone or an email. It also makes it easier to find historic tracking of conversations.

"This project has been 18 months in the making," YANMAR's Business Process Improvement Manager and project lead Delaney Langston comments. "It would not have been possible without the help of my colleagues at YANMAR America and our consultant, Ad Victoriam Solutions."

Are you looking for a Salesforce consultant? One who is not just interested in building your next project but wants to build your business for future success? The Ad Victoriam team is ready to start your project today. Reach us here.

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