Ad Victoriam Solutions Acquires Mobile and IoT Practice

Two emerging Atlanta technology consulting firms unite, casting their sights on the world of mobile, cloud computing and the Internet of Things

ATLANTA, GA – (Apr 26, 2016) – Ad Victoriam Solutions, an up-and-coming cloud and hybrid computing solutions provider, recently acquired Meadows Design, an Atlanta firm specializing in mobile, device, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) development as part of a move to expand its mobile and IoT practice. With the acquisition of Meadows Design, Ad Victoriam Solutions taps into new synergies for its growing mobile and IoT practice, pooling the combined knowledge and experience of both companies to offer competitive product and consulting services for connected devices, cloud computing and the Internet of Things.

"As we focus keenly on the future of technology solutions for businesses, we are continually developing our offerings in the world of mobile and the Internet of Things," said Jeff Jones, founder of Ad Victoriam Solutions. "We are committed to creating a shift in thinking on the use of data and IoT, and the acquisition of Meadows Design's innovative mobile and IoT practice provides access to greater possibilities, especially in growing industries like healthcare IoT."

"When approached about joining forces with Ad Victoriam, the decision was easy," added Andy Meadows, founder of Meadows Design. "By uniting with Ad Victoriam's successful up-and-coming IoT practice, there are no limits to what our team can accomplish through technology."


Ad Victoriam Solutions is an IT strategy consulting firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company helps organizations bridge the gap between technology and business insights for greater efficiencies, turning complex problems into smart solutions. The company's cloud and data experts work across a spectrum of leading-edge applications and technologies to help organizations solve critical IT problems quickly, simply and efficiently. Ad Victoriam Solutions partners with industry leading enterprise solutions and cloud technology providers, including Amazon, Salesforce and Microsoft, to make technology work for businesses of all sizes.


Meadows Design, LLC is a professional services organization headquartered in the metro Atlanta area.

With over 75 years of combined mobile, device, cloud, and Internet development experience, Meadows Design has partnered with major companies in the healthcare and financial sectors to provide data-driven software design and development, hardware design and development, big data analytic solutions, and cloud service design and hosting.