Application Development

Leverage Next Generation Application Development to Achieve Your Current Business Objectives


We build scalable and dynamic enterprise applications of tomorrow to empower your business today

Integrating the best enterprise applications into the right architecture is key to successfully modernizing your organization’s structure to achieve your current and future business objectives.

When everything works right, application development can be transformative for businesses; when it doesn’t, it can be tragic.

At Ad Victoriam Solutions, we partner with organizations all around the country to deliver dynamic and effective enterprise applications designed to align with your current business goals. Our custom PaaS cloud-based applications like Heroku, Azure and other solutions are built to overcome the challenges facing today’s enterprises – whether its improving the reliability of a big data analytics platform or finding the right IoT solution.

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Our application development consultants specialize in the following capabilities:

  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Cloud Development
  • SOA/Web Service
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Application Modernization/Refactoring


Enterprise Application Development

We can help build your organization dynamic cloud-based applications to meet the local/global demands of your business. By leveraging innovative technologies – including Heroku, Azure App Service, Azure Service Bus, C#/.NET, Java, Python and Development (APEX) – our skilled developers have the deep knowledge and extensive experience needed to take on your project – no matter how complex.

Cloud Development

Welcome to the next generation of cloud application development! From ideation to implementation, our cloud specialists are on the forefront of all things cloud. We work closely with our partners to build scalable and secure applications, leveraging Heroku, Azure and other cloud platforms for your organization’s PaaS or IaaS environment. Our results driven approach and extensive experience guarantees rapid solutions to your most pressing cloud challenges.

SOA/Web Service

Modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an integral part of producing data, validating customers and providing core analytical web services. Our SOA consultants specialize in using Java and C# to help organizations leverage these services through cloud-based composite applications that simplify complex architectures into simple, efficient solutions to benefit your customers and your business.

Enterprise Architecture

Maintaining connectivity between your various enterprise applications requires strategic planning and organization of the technical requirements throughout your architecture. Our EA consultants specialize in developing and implementing a blueprint that defines the structure of your platform in a way that allows your organization to most effectively achieve your current and future objectives.

Application Modernization/Refactoring

If your applications are outdated, consider re-purposing or consolidating legacy software programming to align it more closely with your current business objectives. Through application modernization or “refactoring,” our consultants are able to help enterprises create fresh business value from stale applications and keep legacy applications running seamlessly by salvaging the best components of existing programs.

Other Cloud Services We Offer

  • Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Integration
  • Cloud Migration

Our Application Development Methodology

When it comes to application development, our consultants specialize in taking a collaborative, team-oriented approach. We incorporate a wide variety of Agile testing tools and technologies to deliver automated application solutions that keep your customers and your business happy.

Our passionate and innovative team of problem solvers are committed to building partnerships – not just projects – with our clients in order to deliver real-world solutions to unique business challenges. If your enterprise is ready to learn how we can help build next-generation cloud-native applications that efficiently scale and grow your business, contact our knowledgeable application development consultants today.

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