11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season Blog

As dreams of Thanksgiving feasts become a little more vivid, and the countdown until the holidays continues to tick on, by consumerist nature so do thoughts of the next holiday season and the difficulties of finding the perfect gift for those special to you. Luckily, we at Ad Victoriam (a Certified B Corporation) have you covered! Prepare to enter the wonderful world of local, ethical, and sustainable gift-giving with 11 unique ways to gift and give back this holiday season.

1. Gift Cards from Local Businesses: A MintLife study found that 21 percent of gift-givers prefer a gift card, and the beauty of them is the flexibility that they provide. You can support your favorite restaurants, shops, and anything you want to see again in 2021.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

2. Sustainable Boutique Hotel Stay Booked in Advance: 2020 is ending and a vaccine is on the way and we’ll all soon be looking for an excuse to take a trip. With properties in Florida, Colorado, and New Jersey, we recommend fellow B Corp Legacy Vacation Resorts as a great option for that first trip.

3. Locally Made Goods from Locally Owned Stores: It is always a good idea to support local businesses, but more than ever in a time when big-box retailers will dominate with high cost advertising. Focus locally: local bookstores, local makers, local everything! It means that much more when you take your business to “the small guy,” and more often than not the extra care and attention will improve your buying experience.

4. Support Black Owned Businesses: The 2018 Annual Business Survey (ABS) found that black-owned businesses accounted for only 2.2 percent of all U.S. employer businesses. One great option to explore is Origyn, a community of BIPOC, woman-owned and LGBTQIAA+-owned brands who believe that anything their communities need, their communities can provide. If you need further inspiration, Forbes also has a wonderful list of 100 black-owned businesses to support.

5. Find Something Uncommon: Another B Corp we love to support is Uncommon Goods. Their team scour the world for creative crafts and unique products from environmentally friendly sources. The online marketplace also partners with non-profit organizations, donating $1 of every consumer purchase to a partner of your choice. Provide gifts to your loved ones and support to those who need it with an uncommon good!

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

6. Give the Gift of B Corp Drinks & Sweets: 2020 has seen a surge in demand for companies seeking to certify as B Corps. One great option is Tony’s Chocolonely, who can satisfy your sweet tooth and allow you to proudly bite into an ethically sourced chocolate knowing you have helped them further their vision of making 100% slave-free chocolate a reality.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

For fans of Yerba Mate, the caffeine-rich infused drink of South American origin, Guayakí, is another wonderful B Corp to look to for gift-giving inspiration. Introduce someone to one of the fastest growing beverages in the world while helping Guayaki to continue their regenerative agriculture push to protect the Atlantic Rainforest.

7. The Toms: Those who know a Tom that they consider to be a special someone, and equally for those that don’t, may find the perfect gift with a B Corp namesake. The Toms (Tom’s Shoes, Tom’s of Maine and Tom Bihn) are three wonderful, conscientious organizations with sustainability in mind.

Probably the most well-known of the group, Toms, the footwear company, provides a great range of not only footwear, but also sunglasses and various accessories. What’s more, for every $3 they earn, they donate $1, on top of their reputation as the original one for one company, providing a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased by a customer.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

For the anti-consumer on your list, everyone needs toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant. Tom’s of Maine provides personal care products from naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, striving to implement and follow sustainable business practices. They donate 10 percent of product sales to nonprofits who work to support health, education, and nature.

The final Tom, Tom Bihn, is a baggage manufacturer, selling a range of products from backpacks and laptop bags to travel accessories. They’ll also help you feel better about shipping that present, as they have offset over 560 metric tons of CO2e emissions through their participation in the UPS Eco Responsible Packaging Program. .

8. Support that Destination You Love: What makes travel so special? Oftentimes it’s shopping at those places you love in the destinations that you always end up in that allow you to discover the perfect gift when you’re not even looking for it. Be that Wander North Georgia, the locally owned outfitter store in Clayton, GA, who have already donated almost $30,000 to nonprofits in 2020, French Broad Chocolates, the lounge and factory in Asheville, NC, who utilize a number of energy efficient architectural components, or AdVic favorite, Creature Comforts in Athens, GA, who donated over $400,000 to their Get Comfortable community fund in 2019.

9. Plant A Tree or Three: Sustainability and environmental impact does not need to be left to the organizations you shop with. The average carbon footprint in the U.S. is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world (global average is approximately four tons). You can calculate your carbon footprint with this tool and then work to offset it by planting trees. Carbonfund provides a wealth of information about the benefits of planting trees as well as actionable links to purchase your own or for others.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

10. Support a Great Cause: For many of us, 2020 was a year of reflection on how we can be better allies for our BIPOC brethren. At AdVic, we’ve pursued new partnerships and found organizations doing JEDI work worth supporting. So consider making a donation to one of our favorites, which include HYPE (Hope for Youth through Providing Education), who provide 21st century skills and technical training to girls of color, HBCUforce, an organization that partners with HCBUs to implement programs that provide early access to cloud computing careers, and HCBUvc, working to diversify a venture capital ecosystem that sees one percent of funds go to minority business owners.

11. Gift Those Credit Card Rewards: For those who have banked frequent flier miles and credit card rewards over the course of the past year and have so far not had need for them, the holiday season is the perfect time to use them for good! A growing practice of donating frequent flier miles and unused credit card rewards – supported by many credit card issuers, major airlines and hotel loyalty programs – allows customers to support multiple charities that use them to fly and house patients and their families to medical facilities, make wishes come true, and much more!

As a B Corp, Ad Victoriam makes sustainability and community involvement a priority, and we aspire to extend those values to those around us. Our hope is that we’ve made the case for you to take this opportunity to also showcase those values with your friends and family. And, hey, we hope that we’ve successfully sparked some gift-giving ideas for you as we move closer to the holiday season.

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AdVic & VMware Provide Tech Solution for Georgia Nonprofit

AdVic & VMware Provide Tech Solution for Georgia Nonprofit Blog

Gwinnett County, Georgia-based nonprofit HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) was the recent recipient of an in-kind technology contribution that will help them grow their mission and better serve their student members and alumni of the program. The organization, which mentors and empowers Hispanic high school students in the Atlanta, Georgia, area to graduate high school and attend college, currently has chapters in 66 high schools in 21 school districts, serving over 3,500 students and graduating over 1,100 students annually. With this contribution, HoPe thinks they can serve even more and expand their geographic footprint.

The AdVic / VMware Solution

This pro bono nonprofit project was a collaboration between our greater Atlanta, Georgia-based Ad Victoriam Solutions team and the Atlanta VMware team. We worked in tandem to analyze the current business processes used by HoPe, and then leveraged technology solutions to streamline and automate a lot of their day-to-day operations. 

Utilizing VMware’s expertise in cloud infrastructure and technology, along with AdVic’s expert knowledge of the Salesforce® platform, our teams were able to give HoPe a 360-degree view into their nonprofit. 

As a result of this in-kind contribution, HoPe is now transitioning out of Google Sheets to track their activities, campaigns, and members (potential, current, and alumni) through Salesforce, allowing them to automate items like marketing campaigns, volunteer drives, student sign-ups, and student engagement. 

For the Greater Good

Ad Victoriam team members were participating in this project on behalf of The Victory Project, which connects nonprofits that are new to the Salesforce nonprofit ecosystem with members of their consulting team to streamline operations and help nonprofits do more with less. As a certified B Corp, AdVic also offers every employee forty-hours of annual paid volunteer time and is a leader in the communities they serve. 

Similarly, VMware team members participated in this project as part of the company’s Good Gigs project, which invests in employees’ leadership development through pro bono service learning. Good Gigs is a part of the VMware Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the company that offers every employee 40 hours of paid volunteer time off, match employee charitable contributions, and believes in the mantra of “we are all citizen philanthropists.” 

If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a Certified B Corp, AdVic’s recent three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too. Still have questions? Reach us here.


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Becoming a B Corp Helped AdVic Do This

Becoming a B Corp Helped Ad Vic Do This

Four UGA MBA Candidates, eight employees, and a business plan in hand. This was all we had back in January 2016 when we crafted our company vision, and it was then that we started working on our B Corp certification.

A big part of our vision centered around certifying as a B Corp (a for-profit business certified by a third-party nonprofit organization) and joining the elite ranks of Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and Warby Parker as companies using business as a force for good.

Our hard work paid off in 2018 when we earned our B Corp certification. And now, almost three years later, we’re recertifying as a B Corp, which allows us to evaluate our commitment and reflect on the big picture impact this journey has had on our business.

Becoming a B Corp Helped Us Scale

In four short years, we went from eight employees to ninety. Going through the initial process of certification did two things for us. First, it exposed gaps and the next steps. These were steps included in the handbook, which would include travel policies, a code of conduct, and other HR-related items. But it also exposed opportunities and offered us insights into what type of policies were included by the best companies. So we added benefits such as 40 annual hours of paid volunteer time off, a matched 401k, and a travel policy that prioritized virtual meetings, or when necessary, renting the most fuel-efficient vehicle rather than the cheapest.

Becoming a B Corp Gave Us Mission Lock

If you’ve done as much as work for a company that experienced rapid growth as we have, you’re familiar with the wild swings of scaling a business. Every milestone you pass brings incredible trials and tribulations amongst the lingering questions. Should we hire more employees? Do we have the business to justify the payroll expenses? What does our pipeline look like? Succinctly put, it’s easy to take the first step in forming a socially responsible company. It’s another thing to remain true to that mission when you’re in the middle of it. But through everything, we remembered our commitments. We remembered our annual goals for volunteer and pro bono hours. We remembered our promise to strive towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce. And every day we remember that the B on our door means that we stand for something that we wanted, and continue to want to be.

Being a B Corp Made us Better

Our founder and fearless leader is a great guy, with a great family, that truly wanted to build a better version of the companies he had worked for. But there is no denying that being a B Corp made us better. We became more transparent, we added benefits, we welcomed feedback and made improvements based on it. And we quickly became a place where employees enjoyed working, and candidates wanted to work with.

Why We’re Recertifying

We became a better version of ourselves these past three years. Well, five if you include the original certification process. We’ve gone from 73 percent white male to 48 percent. We’ve expanded our community outreach efforts, and promoted an employee to serve as Director of Culture. The process and this certification have encouraged us to be more intentional in everything we do, and it has indeed made us better.

Our annual evaluation to develop our impact report has been instrumental in keeping us honest. We’ve developed tracking methods and built reports using Salesforce® of course, which gives us insights to set annual goals and track outcomes. Our first run at the assessment took two years. Our second run-through took us 13 hours. And the best part, our score has improved, which proves B Corp has made us better.

The bottom line on this recertification journey is, we’re stoked! We believe strongly that business should serve as a force for good in the world. We also believe that capitalism, if it’s to be sustainable, must work to serve all of its stakeholders and not just shareholders. And we are grateful to be at the front of this wave, building an amazing (and profitable) business, and encouraging others to dip their toes in the water to develop a better version of themselves.

B Corps are the bridge connecting 20th-century capitalism to 21st-century values, an opportunity to lift all stakeholders and prove that profit can be made in a manner beneficial to all. If your company is contemplating a path toward B Corp certification, Ad Victoriam is happy to answer any of your questions – we’ve been there! Reach out to us here.

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If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a Certified B Corp, AdVic’s three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too.


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Earth Day: Walk It Like You Talk It

Earth Day: Walk It Like You Talk It

As we celebrate another Earth Day (April 22, 2020), we’re acknowledging that this Earth Day celebration comes during a unique time. As a majority of the planet stays at home to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, it seems that the earth is hitting a reset button. One – anonymous – quote we recently heard resonates with us: “The planet, like an angry parent, sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.”

And amidst all the trials and tribulations of the past many weeks, some positive stories have also emerged. Everyday folks are helping to feed their community. Frontline hospital teams are working tirelessly to save lives. And there’s a new appreciation for folks that were underappreciated before. People like servers and cooks and sanitation workers and delivery men and women… And let’s not forget John Krasinski’s Some Good News!

But one other positive has emerged as everyone stays home, pollution levels have dropped significantly. Major European cities have seen a reduction of as much as 50 percent, and the northeast U.S. over 30 percent. In India, they are enjoying crisp blue skies and their lowest pollution levels in years. Their capital city, New Delhi, had previously registered pollution levels 8-20 times higher than what is deemed dangerous.

Our little blue planet is taking a deep breath this Earth Day. We hope this will remind governments, businesses, and everyday citizens to think about and implement, solutions to take care of our environment. With that in mind, we compiled a list of actionable things you can do to build your own ripple and limit your carbon footprint. We’ve also included the estimated amount of CO2 reduction, as estimated by scientists at Project Drawdown (and you can see the full list on their website).


According to Project Drawdown, in a landfill, biodegradable waste (fruits, veggies, leaves, grass, etc.), lacking the presence of oxygen, produces methane gas as it decomposes. Methane is 34 times more powerful (and bad for the climate) than carbon dioxide. Better yet, organic material is converted into stable soil carbon, which sequesters carbon and makes an excellent fertilizer. It is estimated that composting all of our biodegradable waste would eliminate two-three gigatons of CO2.  Why not start composting with these tips from Good Housekeeping?

Eating Habits: Add More Plants to Your Diet/Reduce Food Waste

Another easy to implement, at-home solution (and one of the biggest personal impacts we can make) is to simply eat more plants. In fact, if the entire world adopted a vegetarian diet, we could reduce “business as usual” carbon emissions by 63 percent, reducing and sequestering between 65-91 gigatons of CO2 over the next 30 years.

Additionally, buy what you need and eat what you buy. As a planet, we waste one-third of the food we raise and prepare. And this food ends up in the landfill and will generate roughly 90 gigatons of CO2 over the next thirty years. And according to Project Drawdown, “the food we waste is responsible for eight percent of global emissions.”

Recycling Paper

Did you know that paper can be recycled and reused five to seven times? Instead of using paper once and sending it to the landfill, and thus increasing the immediate need for more timber to make new paper, recycle it. If the world recycled just 75 percent of paper, estimates are that 1.1-1.95 gigatons of CO2 would be eliminated or sequestered over the next 30 years.

Around the House and Office

For those of you inspired to take it even a step further, there are a multitude of opportunities for home improvement projects that enable you to do your part to make the Earth happy!

For starters, you can follow our lead and install low-flow faucets, toilets, and showers in your home. Water has to be cleaned and heated, and then treated when it comes back as wastewater. This consumes energy and that contributes to climate change. Low-flow technologies can decrease water consumption by 45 percent. That alone could collectively eliminate an entire gigaton of CO2 over the next 30 years. At the very least, you get to do your part and save some money on your water bill!

Another easy way to help save both money and the planet is through the installation of a smart thermostat. It uses algorithms and sensors to “memorize your routines” and nudge users toward more efficient behavior.”

And if you’re feeling really ambitious and planning a remodel or a new home or office build, consider making it net-zero. Using a combination of daylighting, maximum insulation, electrochromic glass, solar panels, and advanced heating and cooling systems, it is indeed possible to have a building that is self-supporting. In Ad Victoriam’s home state of Georgia, we are happy to recommend Imery Construction Group, a fellow certified B Corp and expert at net-zero building and remodels.

Your Next Car: Points to Ponder

  • Here’s your fun fact of the day. There are now over one million electric vehicles on the road today.
  • A move to all-electric cars would save us 12-15 gigatons of CO2 over the next 30 years, whereas a move to hybrid vehicles would save us 4.5-7.5 gigatons.
  • So either way, consider a switch the next time you shop for a new car.

We hope you found this article useful and informative. And most of all, we hope it challenged you to rethink old habits. There is no problem too large to solve. Don’t sit on the sideline with your head in your hands. Don’t lament about the size and scope of the climate change challenge. Instead, understand you can help by playing your part. Start building your ripple of change now. And what else do you have to do this weekend that’s better than starting a compost pile and watching it rot, sustainably?

If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a Certified B Corp like Ad Victoriam, we invite you to contact us here.

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Opportunity Knocks: Making a Difference is Still Possible

Opportunity Knocks: Making a Difference is Still Possible

How to Volunteer, Get Involved, and Support Philanthropic Work During These Uncertain Times

By now, we’ve all set up our virtual offices, stocked our fridge and pantry. We’re all also doing our small part to social distance and limit the spread of the coronavirus. With over a week of isolation in the books for most of us, we’re adjusting to our new normal. And if you’re like us, this has meant a little less 24/7 news watching and a little more searching for the good in the world. That is something that has inspired and reassured us that positivity abounds around us.

So, with nowhere to go and nothing to do, why not be a part of the positivity? Making a difference might not be as easy as it was two or three weeks ago, but it is still possible. Here are three creative ways to get involved and support your community in times of need.

1. Volunteer In Person, at a Distance

Yes, you can still volunteer in person. Healthy, symptom-free volunteers are still needed across the country. Food banks, soup kitchens, and homeless shelters still have needy citizens to feed. And with schools closed and students who relied on free school lunches needing our help, along with a growing number of our most vulnerable members of society now needing assistance, this demand will continue to grow. Many non-profits still need volunteers to sort and distribute donations. With heightened sanitation measures and social distancing in place, you can show up and make sure everyone has food on their plate.

And if your health or living arrangements prevent you from wanting to go into public at all, consider some financial support for these organizations. While delayed, Amazon is still delivering. And if you’re homeschooling right now, what a great lesson to add to the curriculum. Sit down with your kids and fill up your Amazon cart together. Then have it delivered to your local shelter or food bank.

Lastly, if you’re in the Atlanta area, we recommend sending your man and woman power (or financial contributions) to Action Ministries and Hands On Atlanta.

2. Virtual Volunteering

For some industries, work has stopped completely. But much like the food banks and shelters that we discussed above, other nonprofits still have pressing needs. And when we come out of this, they will still be the folks on the front line addressing some of our world’s most pressing needs. And you can help many of them without leaving your shiny, new remote office.

Take a look at fellow B Corp CATCHAFIRE, who offers non-profit organizations the opportunity to list their project needs and then matches them with volunteers that have the skills to tackle those needs. On the first page of opportunities alone, we saw projects that ranged from providing Excel training to helping a non-profit develop their elevator pitch. Find a project that matches your skillset and sign up. You can also check out some creative ideas from Tom Moran, CEO of Teadora, for ways to volunteer from a distance.

3. When the Dust Settles, Support the Companies & Non-Profits that Stepped Up

In addition to the need to step up now to support local businesses by ordering takeout, buying gift cards, or even ordering locally made holiday presents a bit earlier than expected, we should use this crisis to show love and appreciation to the companies and employers that are stepping up for their communities and their team. In the B Corp world, we have a slogan: Vote Every Day. So, when the dust settles, we recommend that you vote for the companies that are making a difference in your community, like some of the examples listed below.

Locally, in the Atlanta, GA, area, we have seen the amazing folks at GoodrCo partner up with State Farm and the Atlanta Hawks. They have each sponsored pop-up grocery stores to ensure everyone has food on their plate. And recently, Atlanta-based Spanx went even further, providing funding for Goodr to be able to offer grocery delivery to families in need.

And throughout the country, companies are stepping up. Baltimore-based Under Armour donated over $1m to Feeding America. In Sioux Falls, SD, local restaurateur Mark Fonder has been using his facilities and supplies to feed hungry school children. Republic Restoratives Distillery and Compass Coffee, both out of Washington, D.C., have begun using their facilities to ramp up production of hand sanitizer. A CEO in Virginia is even foregoing his salary and providing each of his employees an extra $500 per paycheck to support his employees.

In these challenging times, there are always incredible beams of light to guide our path. All of us at Ad Victoriam hope this has given you some inspiration to be your own guiding light. Volunteer in person if you can. Volunteer remotely if you can. Celebrate and support those who are leading your community efforts. And most importantly, spread positivity! If you would like to reach out to us to discuss our B Corporation commitment and initiatives, click here.

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B Corp Reflections Two Years In

B Corp Reflections Two Years In

The release of Ad Victoriam’s second annual Impact Report highlights our commitments and initiatives as a B Corp for 2019. It also marks the second anniversary of our B Corp certification and the four-year mark since we first started out along this journey. And with that, we’re taking this opportunity to share some of our achievements over the past two years, things that don’t necessarily fit into an annual Impact Report.

As we celebrate B Corp Month during this entire month, we’re compelled to echo their call to action: “Vote Every Day.” The collective action of everyone buying from, working for, and working with B Corps, our votes will be heard. And as a B Corp, we have a moral obligation to be the best company we can be: for our workers, our customers, our communities, the environment, and the movement as a whole. Here are some examples of how Ad Victoriam Voted Every Day:

We Listened to our Employees

Just about every company issues an employee survey nowadays. But how many companies truly act on the feedback they receive? Not only do we embrace a culture of open doors and proactive feedback loops, but we also take our survey very seriously. Every January at AdVic, our Director of Corporate Culture presents survey results to the executive team, with an action plan to tackle recurring concerns. We then share the survey results and strategies with the entire company.

In the 2018 survey, we received similar comments around onboarding, PTO, and communication. So, in 2019, we took action. We formalized our onboarding process and developed a curriculum to help new employees get acclimated. AdVic’s principles also reduced billability targets for new hires, giving them three weeks to get onboarded to the company and the projects they are assigned to. We also launched a new paid-time-off (PTO) policy to allow employees to redeem hours when they went above and beyond the standard 40 hour work week, giving them additional time off. And lastly, we introduced “The Weekly AdVic,” a company-wide video call that shares the previous week’s financial performance, new projects, introduces team members, and shoutouts to those deserving of one. Three simple steps to turn negative feedback into positive action, which will, in turn, further empower our employees to speak up.

“It’s not only the survey every year, but the overall open door policy around feedback that I enjoy. Everyone at AdVic knows we’re young and we’re growing…fast. And our management team listens to everyone. Every year, I see real improvements in the company based on the feedback we give them. If it wasn’t on their radar, it is now. And they take it to heart. That’s, unfortunately, incredibly rare and the main reason I love working here.” – Ricardo Diaz, Team Lead, Community Practice

And we’re still a work in progress. Our 2019 survey highlighted areas for us to focus on here in 2020, many of which are already being acted on. Standardization of processes and remote employee engagement were two common themes we’ll be focused on this year.

We Signed the Pledge

At the 2019 Champions Retreat in Los Angeles, we signed the Pledge to Build the B Economy from Within. The B Corp Pledge focuses on seven key areas we will continue to focus on in 2020:

1. Support the B Corp Community

  • From our original B Corp project with the Full-Time MBA program at the University of Georgia, we’ve continued to stay involved with their student-led B Corp projects. In the past 18 months, we’ve assisted on seven B Corp projects and played an integral role in the launch of the MBA program’s new Social Innovation emphasis, which requires working on a B Corp certification project.
  • As a result of our initial brainstorming session in the summer of 2018, B Local Georgia has grown to host quarterly networking events and provide an ecosystem of support for B Corps throughout Georgia. AdVic has sponsored several events and our own Nathan Stuck serves as Chair of the organization.

2. Speed Up the Building of An Inclusive and Sustainable Economy

  • In addition to our work with UGA and B Local Georgia, AdVic has also hosted a B Corp 101 Webinar and, in 2019, published a three-part webinar series on the why’s and how’s of B Corp certification.

3. Truly Use Business as a Force for Good

  • Each year, our consultants utilize their knowledge and expertise to make an impact on the nonprofit community. They assist deserving organizations with Salesforce implementations and support. In 2019, we put our skills to work with the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, an organization that helps families facing homelessness, and Camp Dream, an Atlanta-based nonprofit that runs camps for children with disabilities. In total, our in-kind consulting donations totaled $189,760 in 2019, up from $85,290 in 2018. And we’ve already kicked off a project with VMWare to work on Project Hope, which will focus on mentoring and guiding first-generation Hispanic students from middle school all the way through college graduation.
  • Another area of focus in 2020 will be increased employee participation in our Volunteer Time Off program. In 2019, 21 employees took advantage of this benefit, doing everything from road cleanups to field-trip chaperoning. Our goal for 2020 is to have every employee use at least some portion of their VTO.

4. Share Knowledge with Our Fellow B Corps

  • Through our continued involvement with B Local Georgia and B Lab, we’ll continue to assist existing B Corps and anyone else with interest in the B Corp movement.

5. Align Our Purchases with Our Values

  • 2019 also marked the finish of our office remodel. Every dollar we spent was analyzed and on top of installing motion-activated lights, sinks, and paper towel dispensers, everything from the glass whiteboards to the carpets to the soundproofing was some version of renewable, recycled, and certified.

6. Consider B Corps First When Making Decisions

7. Promoting B Corps to Our Employees and Networks

  • Here at AdVic, we think it’s important for us to share our B Corp journey. Our desire to be a little bit better every single day. And we hope it inspires others to take the Business Impact Assessment. But most importantly, we appreciate the sacrifices and effort by our fellow B Corps, and the inspiration they give us to be better corporate citizens. Last year, we published our Sustainable Gift Giving Guide, promoting other B Corp businesses during the holiday season. We also featured several B Corps in our blog, 13 Free Ways to Give Back.

We Are a B Corp

We’re Committed to Being Better

Here are the areas AdVic has concentrated on to meet our goal of being better:

Comparison of Demographics Change Over the Past Two Years

  • AdVic understands that a diverse workforce creates better output and solutions for our clients. So, at the end of 2017, we were taken aback that, on the eve of our B Corp certification, our company was 73.5 percent caucasian males and only 28 percent female. Talk about fitting an IT stereotype, right? So we looked at ourselves in the mirror and put talk into actions. Since this time, we’ve not only changed how we recruit, but we’ve rewritten our job descriptions to encourage more women and underrepresented minorities to apply.
  • And as a result, we’ve completely transformed our company. By the end of 2019, we were 32 percent female and only 48 percent white male. Our employees were also now 27 percent underrepresented minorities, compared with 12.9 percent in 2017.

Re-Wording a Job Description

  • In the fall of 2018, we attended our first career fair at The University of Georgia. In total, we received 55 resumes, eight of them were from women. While our first Elevate class was still very diverse, we are appalled at the lack of female diversity. So, we did what we should have done in the first place: We asked our female employees to read our job description. To say we received a unanimous thumbs down would be an understatement. So, we rewrote it. And by our next class, we had hired our first female member of Elevate. After adding another female in our Winter Class of 2020, we are now preparing for our biggest Elevate class yet, with 10 incoming recruits. Seven of those ten? You guessed it, they’re women.

We Are Baking Into Our DNA

  • Alerted by 2018 survey feedback, there was a glaring lack of awareness and passion around B Corps and our “why.” To raise awareness, we’ve taken several steps (borrowed from other B Corps). For starters, we launched an internal B Corp steering committee in 2018, a diverse group of employees empowered to represent all stakeholders in the decisions we make. We also introduced an onboarding session around our B Corp status. Meant to inform our new hires about our mission, we include it with the overall benefits section to share our “why” with everyone that joins our team.

In 2020, the Ad Victoriam team will continue to build on what is now almost four years of momentum. We’ll spend a good bit of the year working on our recertification, ensuring we remain a part of this amazing community. We’ll also be on campus at UGA, working with student teams helping business owners achieve certification. And we’ll be at B Local events, connecting like-minded business leaders and explaining how impactful it has been. Most importantly, we’ll continue to be out in our community, being the change we want to see in the world. We invite you to follow us on our journey, or better yet, lead the way at your own company and commit to becoming a certified B Corporation in 2020.


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Sustainable Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Sustainable Holiday Gift Giving Ideas

Holiday shopping at big box stores typically begins before the Thanksgiving leftovers get cold. Last year, holiday gift-giving shoppers spent $9.9 billion on Thanksgiving and Black Friday alone, and another $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday, according to Shopify.

With holiday spending increasing every year, we are also seeing an increase in conscious consumerism where people are choosing products that are also good for the environment and communities. In an article featured in VOX, the authors referenced a Nielsen study that projects the sustainable product industry being worth over $150 billion by 2021. In fact, sales have risen by 20 percent in just four years.

And when markets grow and consumers follow, companies aren’t far behind. That can lead to some major confusion for shoppers, as everyone seems to be marketing their items with generic, benevolent-sounding claims like “sustainable” or “green” or “earth-friendly.” What do any of these terms mean and how does the average shopper know what’s what?

Help is on the Way

In an attempt to break through the greenwashing, Ad Victoriam is excited to release our 2019 Shopper’s Guide of products and services sold by certified B Corps. B Corps are for-profit businesses that undergo a rigorous assessment. They are graded on their environmental impact, community involvement, supply-chain, worker relations, and governance. Audited and certified by the non-profit B Lab, these companies meet the highest standards of corporate social responsibility.

Ad Victoriam is proud to be a B Corp. We make it a priority to buy products for our business and our personal lives that come from other B Corps. Here are a few of our favorite brands and some of their products on our list this holiday season:

Yummy Sweets

Divine Chocolates: Divine started back in the 90s as one of the first cocoa-producing co-ops in Ghana. Certified as a B Corp since 2016, this female-owned chocolate company contains deliciously rich Fairtrade cocoa, no palm oil, and no GMOs. Our holiday tip is Divine’s Advent Calendar Variety Pack that includes (3) Milk Chocolate and (3) Dark Chocolate Calendars.

French Broad Chocolates: Started by Dan and Jael Rattigan in the mid-2000s, French Broad, based in Asheville, NC, offers everything from bonbons to brownies, with ingredients sourced locally around the fertile Appalachian valley. Take our word and order The Pick Me Up Bundle, featuring six brownies, two dark chocolate bars, and two packages of their delicious chocolate-covered coffee beans.

Lancaster Stroopie Company: One of AdVic’s favorite source for employee treats, this amazing business makes and sells traditional Dutch Stroopwaffeln. And who doesn’t want a caramel-filled cinnamon waffle cookie dipped in chocolate? The best part of this business is that they are female-owned and hire female refugees new to the United States. Trust us and order someone on your list the 12 count Stroopie Gift Tin.

Delicious Coffee

Cafe Campesino: A trailblazer and founding member of Cooperative Coffees, an organization committed to fair trading relationships between farmers and roasters, Cafe Campesino offers wonderful coffee from all over the world, lifting up their trading partners and their local communities. We recommend ordering the Single Origin Sampler, which includes (4) 4 oz. bags of coffees from Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, & Honduras.

Thrive Organic Farmers: Thrive, whose slogan is You Drink, Farmers Thrive, buys their coffee direct from farmers. Through their nonprofit foundation, ThriveWorx, they also give back to these local communities, empowering their farmers to tackle the tough economic, social, and environmental challenges facing them and their communities. Trust us and order Thrive’s delicious Horizon Organic blend. Organically grown in Guatemala, this medium blend is fruity with hints of toasted cereal and chocolate.

Your Amazon Alternatives

DoneGood: All brands on this shopping website pay fair wages and use eco-friendly practices. They also allow you to search for brands that “do good” on other issues you may believe in, like upcycled goods or products from female or minority-owned businesses. Check out this gift-set of three locally produced, all-natural, and non-toxic soap bars made by fellow B Corp, Meliora.

Uncommon Goods: After visiting a craft show in 1999, founder Dave Bolotsky was inspired to connect makers and their unique creations with customers looking for unique products. One item on our shopping list is the Gather and Grow gift set that includes pine-scented soy candle, a wooden pinecone ornament, and everything you need to grow next year’s Christmas tree!

Gather and Grow Gift Set
Gather and Grow Gift Set


Clothing & Apparel

Patagonia: Known throughout the world for their jackets and outdoor gear, this leading B Corp made its first Black Friday splash in 2011 when they ran their infamous Don’t Buy this Jacket ad in the New York Times, encouraging consumers to buy only what they need. We’ll stick with this theme and recommend the Patagonia Business Library, a set of books that includes Let my People go Surfing, The Responsible Company, and Tools for Grassroots Activists.

Cotopaxi: With a motto as simple as “Do Good,” Cotopaxi leads by example in everything they do, producing their products in Fair Trade certified facilities and donating one percent of all profits to their charitable foundation that aims to eradicate poverty. For the active traveler on your list, we suggest their ALLPA Travel Pack from their Del Dia collection, made completely from scrap fabric left over from previous production runs!

Bombas Socks: What’s not to love about Bombas, who donates a pair of socks for every pair sold. Like their slogan says, these are the most comfortable socks you’ll ever own. But don’t take it from us, buy some for yourself. Help unleash someone’s inner child this holiday season and send them a pair from their Sesame Street collection.

Athleta: One of Gap’s successful B Corp brands (along with Bath and Body Works), Athleta believes in selling sustainable products that allow women to pursue an active lifestyle and unleash the #powerofshe. Check out their Top 10 gift ideas online or at one of their brick and mortar locations across the country.

Toms Shoes: While we’re wearing and giving away comfortable socks, let’s cover them up with some amazing B Corp shoes. In fact, Toms has already donated 60 million shoes to children around the world. And for the Star Wars enthusiast in your life, look no further than Toms Star Wars collection because let’s be honest, who doesn’t need leather Darth Vader loafers in their life?

Leesa: 2019 Best for the World: Community honoree, Leesa donates a mattress to a shelter for every mattress sold, focusing on shelters that serve children and teenagers. If you’re shopping for a new mattress this year, take a look at their Legend series, a hypoallergenic mattress made with organic cotton and merino wool and recycled materials.

Green Avocado: Currently a member of one-percent for the Planet and going through B Corp certification process, Green Avocado started five years ago out of a need to break through the greenwashing to find a mattress that was truly non-toxic, and green, and all-natural. They can sell you everything from comfortable mattresses to the bed frame it sits on and the sheets that go on top of it.


Honeysuckle Run
Beginners head in this direction. A sign guides skiers towards the Honeysuckle Run at Taos Ski Valley, a certified B Corporation.

Taos Ski Valley: Looking to surprise the family with the gift of a ski trip this winter? Look no further than Ski Taos. The first certified B Corp ski resort, they can handle everything from your accommodations to your lift passes. So grab your board and hit the slopes, sustainably.

Legacy Vacation Resorts: Further up the Rocky Mountains, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, lies another B Corp resort to base your ski trip from. And if the snow isn’t your thing (or you’re trying to escape it for a few days), head to beautiful Florida, where Legacy has four different properties to choose from. Check out their specials here.

Beauty Products

Badger Balm: A family-owned business in its second generation, Badger carefully sources every aspect of their product line, which offers everything from organic lip palms to all-natural bug repellents. Our pick is Badger’s Sore Muscle Soothing Gift Set, a combination of Ginger Deep Tissue Massage Oil, Sore Muscle Rub, and Sore Joint Rub.

BeautyCounter: A company that has a “Never List” of over 1,500 ingredients they will never use in their makeups, BeautyCounter believes that “beauty should be good for you.” Find holiday gifts for her and him on their website.

Ethique: With a goal of reducing the more than 80 million shampoo and conditioner bottles disposed of every year, Ethique makes soap-like bars of shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and you guessed it, soap. New Zealand’s highest-scoring B Corp bars are plastic-free, plant-based, cruelty-free and sustainable. They offer six different holiday gift bundles for under $29.

Potent Potables

New Belgium Brewing: What’s not to love about a company that is 100 percent employee-owned, awards an anniversary bike to every employee after one year, and has been a sustainability leader in the brewing industry for over two decades? Oh, and they brew great beer! With locations in Fort Collins, CO and Asheville, NC, New Belgium are definitely worth supporting. Pick up a winter variety “Folly Pack” on the way to your next soiree and be the hit of the party!

New Belgium Brewing Company 2019 Retreat
New Belgium Brewing Company employees gather for a group shot during the company’s 2019 Retreat.

Fetzer Vineyards: Celebrating 50 years of making great wines in Mendocino County, Fetzer has publicly reported their greenhouse gas emissions since 2005, treats their own process water, and is proud to be the first TRUE Zero Waste winery in the country. While you pick up that 12 pack of New Belgium, grab a bottle of their Valley Oaks Sweet Rosé for the non-beer drinkers on your list.

A to Z Wineworks: If Oregon wines are more your thing, A to Z offers an incredible selection of wines and was founded on the principle of “business should be conducted as if people and places matter.” From this five-time Best for the World honoree, let us recommend a bottle of 2016 The Essence of Oregon Pinot Noir, a blend selected to offer a darker profile perfect for those cold winter months.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a Certified B Corp, AdVic’s recent three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us here.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Ad Victoriam Solutions!

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AdVic’s B Corp Mission Continues

AdVic's B Corp Mission Continues

Ad Victoriam loves being a B Corp. It is an integral part of our DNA and is a part of every decision we make as a business, but our mission continues.

From the customers we do business with to the suppliers we purchase from, and the benefits we offer, our status as a Certified B Corp serves as a mission lock for ensuring our purpose continues to guide us as we grow.

Measuring Our Mission’s Impact

At the end of 2018, we published our first Annual Impact Report (download it here). This was an end of year recap of the internal B Corp-driven KPIs we had set for ourselves. Fun things were included, too. Things like new female and/or underrepresented minority-owned vendors, and our volunteers of the year. The report also included our performance on everything from volunteer and pro bono hours to our diversity efforts in our workforce and hiring initiatives.

Our Inclusive Economy Challenge

As we were preparing to publish that first Impact Report, we were also completing our first year as a B Corp. We were now eligible to participate in B Lab’s (the non-profit that certifies B Corps) Inclusive Economy Challenge.

The IEC, as it is known, is designed to motivate companies to make further improvements in their pursuit of EDI (equality, diversity, and inclusion). Participating B Corps must set and accomplish at least three improvement goals in the EDI portion of the assessment. And our focus was clear, improve on our inclusive recruitment and hiring process, specifically by addressing two pressing needs we recognized in the challenge:

  • The company actively recruits through organizations or services that are designed for individuals from underrepresented populations.
  • The company conducts an analysis of job description language and job requirements to confirm or improve diversity, equity, and inclusion

AdVic Debuts the ‘Elevate’ Program

At the beginning of 2019, AdVic launched our new Elevate program. The first class of our new program was designed to teach all things Salesforce and consulting skills. It was comprised of three freshly minted graduates from the University of Georgia. After this experience, however, one thing was obvious, we didn’t attract any females. Of the resumes we collected, 47 of 55 were male. Of our first round interviews, 14 of 16 were male. We knew we could do better than that.

When we performed the post-mortem of our first undergraduate recruitment program, we knew we could do better. The IEC gave us the perfect opportunity to pilot solutions for recruiting a more diverse candidate pool. Using the two goals mentioned above, we honed in. AdVic reached out to Women in Technology’s UGA chapter to speak to them about careers in technology as a female, wife, and mom. We also rewrote our job posting to be more female-friendly. Research shows that “men apply for a job when they meet only 60 percent of the qualifications.” However, “women apply only if they meet 100 percent of them.”

‘Elevate’ Produces Positive Results

So far, the results of our Elevate program have been astounding. Our final round two interviews were made up of seven males and seven females. We extended offers to two females and three males and hired our first female member of Elevate. Since then, we have extended offers to our third and fourth Elevate class, made up of four females and three males.

It makes us proud to announce that we have successfully completed our first Inclusive Economy Challenge. We didn’t just check a box, we walked the walk. 2019 saw two females promoted to AdVic VP’s, and two females promoted to management positions. That represented 40 percent of internal promotions this year.

The Mission Continues

While we’re pleased with our progress, we know we can still have a lot to do – our mission continues. We have an ambitious goal to have a workforce that is 50 percent female and 30 percent URM (Unrepresented Minority) by 2025 and we have work to do. If we have learned one thing since becoming a B Corp, it is that the work is never done. There are always improvements to be made and areas to improve on, but it doesn’t stop us from taking a minute to celebrate our successful 2019 and completion of our first Inclusive Economy Challenge.


If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a Certified B Corp, AdVic’s recent three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too.

If you have any questions, we invite you to contact us here.


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Champions Retreat 2019: Making the Pledge

Champions Retreat 2019: Making the Pledge

With all of the change in the air right now, from the Global Climate Strike to the Business Roundtable’s commitment to a new Statement of Purpose for corporations, the priority of the stakeholder over the shareholder has never been greater. At this year’s Champions Retreat in Los Angeles, the annual gathering of North American B Corps, over 700 attendees channeled the energy of the times to build on this momentum.

The Daily Agenda

For Ad Victoriam, the conference started on Monday, September 16, with the B Local Summit.

AdVic’s Director of Culture and the Chair of B Local Georgia, Nathan Stuck, spent the day with B Local leaders and community organizers from across the country. They shared strategies to build local organizations and the B Corp movement as a whole. From the more established chapters like Portland to the newer chapters like B Corp Local in Georgia, discussions centered on synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

After an incredible opening reception on Monday evening, the conference kicked into full swing on Tuesday. With a focus on building a regenerative and inclusive economy, attendees heard from Patagonia CEO Rose Marcurio, who spoke on the need for B Corps, and businesses in general, to lead by example and not accept “business as usual.” Breakout sessions focused on networking and creating a more inclusive economy, one that works for everyone.

On Wednesday morning, Ad Victoriam’s Stuck was elated to be called on stage to receive a Collective Action award with other B Local leaders from across the country. The award recognizes significant efforts to lead the movement, raise awareness, and promote growth.

B Local Leaders celebrating their Collective Action award on the main stage.
B Local Leaders celebrating their Collective Action award on the main stage.

Later on Wednesday, attendees were treated to an incredible session with Bart Houlahan, co-founder of B Lab, and Deval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts and the newest B Lab board member. There was also an incredible breakout session focused on recertification, which AdVic will have to start working on in mid-2020.

Bart Houlahan and Deval Patrick.
Bart Houlahan and Deval Patrick.

Making the Pledge

AdVic’s proudest moment of the Champions Retreat was taking the Pledge to Build the B Economy from Within. With this signature, we pledged to:

Support the B Corp community
– Speed up the building of an inclusive and sustainable economy
– Truly use business as a force for good
– Share knowledge with our fellow B Corps
– Align our purchases with our values
– Consider B Corps first when making decisions
– Promoting B Corps to our employees and networks

Ad Victoriam’s Nathan Stuck signing the pledge.
Ad Victoriam’s Nathan Stuck signing the pledge.

This trek to Los Angeles was an intense three days of meeting some of the most inspiring people. These people are being the change they want to see in the world. We can hardly wait until 2020’s Champions Retreat!

But until then, we are committed to advancing to the next level. We’re striving to ensure that purpose is intertwined with profit and businesses to serve both our employees and communities.

About B Corp

B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, Ad Victoriam Solutions, along with the more than 3,000 other B Corps around the globe, is working toward one unifying goal — to redefine success in business.

So, would you like to learn more about how your company can become a certified B Corp? AdVic’s recent three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too. If you have any questions, contact us here.


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AdVic and BCorp Go Hollywood

AdVic and BCorp Go Hollywood

The Ad Victoriam team has bags packed and is ready to represent at this year’s BCorp Champions Retreat 2019 in Hollywood.

2018 was AdVic’s first year as a certified B Corp, and we jumped in feet first attending both the B Summit and the Champions Retreat. So after last year’s awesome experiences, you can understand why we’re excited to be heading to the City of Angels for this September 16-18 event to connect with other B Corps and people united in using business as a force for good.

At this year’s Champions Retreat, AdVic’s own Nathan Stuck, Chairman of B Local Georgia, has been invited to attend the B Local Summit session on September 16.

Remarks Stuck, “I can’t wait to learn how to grow a local community of businesses that believe in purpose and profit.”

B Local Georgia at their inaugural meeting in 2018, shortly after returning from Champions Retreat
B Local Georgia at their inaugural meeting in 2018, shortly after returning from Champions Retreat.

2019 Champions Retreat Theme

As leaders in the Corporate Social Responsibility movement, B Corps around the globe are taking the lead on building a more inclusive economy for everyone. This year’s Champions Retreat theme centers around Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) initiatives. Ad Victoriam successfully completed the 2019 Inclusive Economy Challenge and will look for further inspiration from their fellow attendees.

Stuck adds, “As BCorps we are always eager to learn from others, especially those that have accomplished lofty EDI goals. In addition to being a responsible way to do business, research shows that diverse teams make better decisions.”

Reasons to Be Excited

The last 18 months have been a fascinating whirlwind for AdVic and our commitment to the BCorp community. We’ve made B Corp friends across the country, especially since last year’s Champions Retreat. This year’s conference gives us a chance to finally meet these fellow BCorp members face to face. So many conference calls – B2B B Corp and B Culture – and now we get to talk in person!

AdVic’s Stuck sums it all up: “Reuniting with friends we’ve met in person or only known virtually, growing B Corp awareness in our home state of Georgia, and building a more diverse, and better, company all await us out west.”

Group shot from the recent 2019 B Summit in Amsterdam
Group shot from the recent 2018 B Summit in Amsterdam.

About B Corp
B Corps are for-profit companies certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Today, Ad Victoriam Solutions, along with the more than 3,000 other B Corps around the globe, is working toward one unifying goal — to redefine success in business.

And if you would like to learn more about how your company can become a certified B Corp, AdVic’s recent three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too.


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