Data & Analytics

Effective, measurable analysis for your company's data

Big Data Analytics Consulting from Ad Victoriam Solutions

On any given day, your company gathers data from a multitude of sources. Customer and client information, employee tasks and effectiveness, sales numbers, website analytics – everything your business does must be tracked, measured and categorized.

These numbers, themselves, aren't the final destination, however. Data alone is meaningless until it is measured, analyzed, interpreted and organized. The ability to store big data in the cloud has revolutionized business operations, but the information must still be integrated effectively.

Let us turn your big data into useful, actionable reporting and analytics.

Business Intelligence to Utilize Big Data Efficiently

  • Design & Guidance
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • AWS Redshift
  • Salesforce Wave Analytics

Our data strategy consultants are here to help

You already know the goals: streamlined systems that track your business data, and robust reporting that makes everything you need available at a glance. All that remains is to find business intelligence specialists to help you establish those systems and make your big data analytics measurable and actionable.

The Ad Victoriam team possesses the precise skills you need to bring your data into focus. Our data strategy consultants can assist you with:

Design & Guidance

Whether you have specific reporting needs or require full-service design and analytics assistance, our big data specialists will build the systems you need to manage your information. We'll assess your needs, distill your analytics and translate your data into measurable, actionable reporting solutions.

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft's premiere platform for database management offers both cloud and on-site data storage. Our data analytics consultants are fully versed in Microsoft's core relational database engine and all available add-ons.

AWS Redshift

Redshift cloud-based data management from Amazon Web Services offers a robust suite of highly scalable features and business intelligence tools. The data management specialists at Ad Victoriam can help you select and deploy the right Redshift solutions for your business.

Salesforce Wave Analytics

The analytics arm of Salesforce, Wave offers powerful data intelligence and a full suite of customizable applications. Our team can help you make the most of Wave analytics' available features, truly harnessing the power of your cloud-based data.

Bring your big data into focus

Ready to turn your company's metrics into actionable data? The data analytics specialists at Ad Victoriam are standing by to help your business track, measure and analyze the numbers that are most important to your success.