11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season Blog

As dreams of Thanksgiving feasts become a little more vivid, and the countdown until the holidays continues to tick on, by consumerist nature so do thoughts of the next holiday season and the difficulties of finding the perfect gift for those special to you. Luckily, we at Ad Victoriam (a Certified B Corporation) have you covered! Prepare to enter the wonderful world of local, ethical, and sustainable gift-giving with 11 unique ways to gift and give back this holiday season.

1. Gift Cards from Local Businesses: A MintLife study found that 21 percent of gift-givers prefer a gift card, and the beauty of them is the flexibility that they provide. You can support your favorite restaurants, shops, and anything you want to see again in 2021.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

2. Sustainable Boutique Hotel Stay Booked in Advance: 2020 is ending and a vaccine is on the way and we’ll all soon be looking for an excuse to take a trip. With properties in Florida, Colorado, and New Jersey, we recommend fellow B Corp Legacy Vacation Resorts as a great option for that first trip.

3. Locally Made Goods from Locally Owned Stores: It is always a good idea to support local businesses, but more than ever in a time when big-box retailers will dominate with high cost advertising. Focus locally: local bookstores, local makers, local everything! It means that much more when you take your business to “the small guy,” and more often than not the extra care and attention will improve your buying experience.

4. Support Black Owned Businesses: The 2018 Annual Business Survey (ABS) found that black-owned businesses accounted for only 2.2 percent of all U.S. employer businesses. One great option to explore is Origyn, a community of BIPOC, woman-owned and LGBTQIAA+-owned brands who believe that anything their communities need, their communities can provide. If you need further inspiration, Forbes also has a wonderful list of 100 black-owned businesses to support.

5. Find Something Uncommon: Another B Corp we love to support is Uncommon Goods. Their team scour the world for creative crafts and unique products from environmentally friendly sources. The online marketplace also partners with non-profit organizations, donating $1 of every consumer purchase to a partner of your choice. Provide gifts to your loved ones and support to those who need it with an uncommon good!

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

6. Give the Gift of B Corp Drinks & Sweets: 2020 has seen a surge in demand for companies seeking to certify as B Corps. One great option is Tony’s Chocolonely, who can satisfy your sweet tooth and allow you to proudly bite into an ethically sourced chocolate knowing you have helped them further their vision of making 100% slave-free chocolate a reality.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

For fans of Yerba Mate, the caffeine-rich infused drink of South American origin, Guayakí, is another wonderful B Corp to look to for gift-giving inspiration. Introduce someone to one of the fastest growing beverages in the world while helping Guayaki to continue their regenerative agriculture push to protect the Atlantic Rainforest.

7. The Toms: Those who know a Tom that they consider to be a special someone, and equally for those that don’t, may find the perfect gift with a B Corp namesake. The Toms (Tom’s Shoes, Tom’s of Maine and Tom Bihn) are three wonderful, conscientious organizations with sustainability in mind.

Probably the most well-known of the group, Toms, the footwear company, provides a great range of not only footwear, but also sunglasses and various accessories. What’s more, for every $3 they earn, they donate $1, on top of their reputation as the original one for one company, providing a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair purchased by a customer.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

For the anti-consumer on your list, everyone needs toothpaste, mouthwash, and deodorant. Tom’s of Maine provides personal care products from naturally sourced and naturally derived ingredients, striving to implement and follow sustainable business practices. They donate 10 percent of product sales to nonprofits who work to support health, education, and nature.

The final Tom, Tom Bihn, is a baggage manufacturer, selling a range of products from backpacks and laptop bags to travel accessories. They’ll also help you feel better about shipping that present, as they have offset over 560 metric tons of CO2e emissions through their participation in the UPS Eco Responsible Packaging Program. .

8. Support that Destination You Love: What makes travel so special? Oftentimes it’s shopping at those places you love in the destinations that you always end up in that allow you to discover the perfect gift when you’re not even looking for it. Be that Wander North Georgia, the locally owned outfitter store in Clayton, GA, who have already donated almost $30,000 to nonprofits in 2020, French Broad Chocolates, the lounge and factory in Asheville, NC, who utilize a number of energy efficient architectural components, or AdVic favorite, Creature Comforts in Athens, GA, who donated over $400,000 to their Get Comfortable community fund in 2019.

9. Plant A Tree or Three: Sustainability and environmental impact does not need to be left to the organizations you shop with. The average carbon footprint in the U.S. is 16 tons, one of the highest rates in the world (global average is approximately four tons). You can calculate your carbon footprint with this tool and then work to offset it by planting trees. Carbonfund provides a wealth of information about the benefits of planting trees as well as actionable links to purchase your own or for others.

11 Unique Ways to Gift and Give Back This Holiday Season

10. Support a Great Cause: For many of us, 2020 was a year of reflection on how we can be better allies for our BIPOC brethren. At AdVic, we’ve pursued new partnerships and found organizations doing JEDI work worth supporting. So consider making a donation to one of our favorites, which include HYPE (Hope for Youth through Providing Education), who provide 21st century skills and technical training to girls of color, HBCUforce, an organization that partners with HCBUs to implement programs that provide early access to cloud computing careers, and HCBUvc, working to diversify a venture capital ecosystem that sees one percent of funds go to minority business owners.

11. Gift Those Credit Card Rewards: For those who have banked frequent flier miles and credit card rewards over the course of the past year and have so far not had need for them, the holiday season is the perfect time to use them for good! A growing practice of donating frequent flier miles and unused credit card rewards – supported by many credit card issuers, major airlines and hotel loyalty programs – allows customers to support multiple charities that use them to fly and house patients and their families to medical facilities, make wishes come true, and much more!

As a B Corp, Ad Victoriam makes sustainability and community involvement a priority, and we aspire to extend those values to those around us. Our hope is that we’ve made the case for you to take this opportunity to also showcase those values with your friends and family. And, hey, we hope that we’ve successfully sparked some gift-giving ideas for you as we move closer to the holiday season.

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Multi-Cloud Integration Improves Customer Experience

Multi-Cloud Integration Improves Customer Experience

A leading behavioral health company that focuses on chronic to acute health conditions recently contacted the Ad Victoriam Solutions Multi-Cloud Team because they were in desperate need to enhance their internal team efficiencies, while also finding a way to improve their customer experiences. They did their homework and found out about our deep multi-cloud experience, and our years of expertise with EAP’s (Employee Assistance Programs).

The Client’s Quandary

This health sector company’s difficulties centered around their inability to work efficiently and effectively with their legacy case management system. They knew it was holding back their productivity, as it was clunky, slow, and required a lot of work arounds, plus it also had search and security limitations. They reached out to Ad Victoriam, not just based on our multi-cloud experience, but for our expertise with EAP’s.

The AdVic Multi-Cloud Fix

Implementation of Salesforce’s Health Cloud™, Sales Cloud™, and Service Cloud™, plus Shield Platform Encryption & Event Monitoring, along with the integration of phone and chat apps, made a significant impact on their business. AdVic’s resolution specifically included:

  • Migrated more than 200K case records/fields from multiple tables into Salesforce® after an extensive data cleansing process which significantly increased data integrity and usability.
  • Configured Sales and Service Cloud enabling clients to decrease reliance on manual process for safety screenings and customer questionnaires.
  • Built custom provider ranking and search functionality, which displayed best-fit providers based on geographic location (point to point rather than Zip Code-based), feedback, gender, and session allotment/utilization, etc.
  • HIPAA-compliant safeguards established, including password-protected authorization sheet transfer (Salesforce to Provider), and security event monitoring to quickly detect breaches.
  • Linked people records to families through Health Cloud’s Household functionality to establish patient/family record access levels based on patient permissions.
  • Tailored dashboards by client to furnish service utilization data to each customer.

Ad Victoriam’s multi-cloud Salesforce implementation and integration consultants empower organizations with custom planning that gets you the most out of your full suite of business applications. Think a multi-cloud strategy will work for your business? Let’s find out!

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AdVic & VMware Provide Tech Solution for Georgia Nonprofit

AdVic & VMware Provide Tech Solution for Georgia Nonprofit Blog

Gwinnett County, Georgia-based nonprofit HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education) was the recent recipient of an in-kind technology contribution that will help them grow their mission and better serve their student members and alumni of the program. The organization, which mentors and empowers Hispanic high school students in the Atlanta, Georgia, area to graduate high school and attend college, currently has chapters in 66 high schools in 21 school districts, serving over 3,500 students and graduating over 1,100 students annually. With this contribution, HoPe thinks they can serve even more and expand their geographic footprint.

The AdVic / VMware Solution

This pro bono nonprofit project was a collaboration between our greater Atlanta, Georgia-based Ad Victoriam Solutions team and the Atlanta VMware team. We worked in tandem to analyze the current business processes used by HoPe, and then leveraged technology solutions to streamline and automate a lot of their day-to-day operations. 

Utilizing VMware’s expertise in cloud infrastructure and technology, along with AdVic’s expert knowledge of the Salesforce® platform, our teams were able to give HoPe a 360-degree view into their nonprofit. 

As a result of this in-kind contribution, HoPe is now transitioning out of Google Sheets to track their activities, campaigns, and members (potential, current, and alumni) through Salesforce, allowing them to automate items like marketing campaigns, volunteer drives, student sign-ups, and student engagement. 

For the Greater Good

Ad Victoriam team members were participating in this project on behalf of The Victory Project, which connects nonprofits that are new to the Salesforce nonprofit ecosystem with members of their consulting team to streamline operations and help nonprofits do more with less. As a certified B Corp, AdVic also offers every employee forty-hours of annual paid volunteer time and is a leader in the communities they serve. 

Similarly, VMware team members participated in this project as part of the company’s Good Gigs project, which invests in employees’ leadership development through pro bono service learning. Good Gigs is a part of the VMware Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the company that offers every employee 40 hours of paid volunteer time off, match employee charitable contributions, and believes in the mantra of “we are all citizen philanthropists.” 

If you would like to learn more about how your company can become a Certified B Corp, AdVic’s recent three-part blog series has all the information you need to succeed: Part 1Part 2Part 3. You may also find this recent AdVic B Corp/Corporate Social Responsibility webinar helpful, too. Still have questions? Reach us here.


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When Outsourcing a Salesforce Implementation Makes Sense

When Outsourcing a Salesforce Implementation Makes Sense

Are you still kicking around the “Does outsourcing our Salesforce® implementation make sense” question in your company’s executive sessions?

Ad Victoriam Solutions knows there is no simple answer to that question. A decision to outsource is a strategic, tactical, and financial choice. The answer to the question has to be based on your own company’s internal structure, talent, needs, and goals.

Outsourcing Considerations

Perhaps you are looking to reduce and control your operating expenses, improve company focus, gain access to expertise, or free internal resources for other purposes. And it may also be that the experienced resources within your company are hard to find or are just not available.

If, in the end, you decide that outsourcing your Salesforce implementation makes sense, the next – and most important question is – what should you be looking for in a Salesforce implementation partner?

The RIGHT Salesforce Implementation Partner Has…

The Skill Set You Need: Your partner needs to have expertise in custom development, integrations, system automation, data governance, reporting, and more, to implement any feature or functionality needed.

The Experience You Need: Your partner should possess a wide range of industry and cloud computing experience, giving them the intellectual toolbox to offer alternative perspectives proven to drive success metrics.

The Accessibility You Need: Your partner should be available to support your needs – your project doesn’t stop just because somebody goes on vacation.

The Communication You Need: Your partner should hold scheduled calls and provide updates along with demos to keep you abreast of each milestone. That way, you know exactly how your project is progressing and there are no surprises.

The Staffing You Need: Your partner should be well-staffed with a deep bench of certified Salesforce professionals – able to handle multi-cloud systems and integrations – ensuring that your implementation project remains on target.

Salesforce Consulting Partner

Ad Victoriam Solutions, a top recognized Salesforce Consulting Partner since 2014, checks off all of the implementation partner boxes above, and more. Our passionate and knowledgeable team of certified Salesforce professionals across the country is standing by to accelerate your successful implementation project starting today.


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Making Smarter Decisions with 360-Degree Data

Making Smarter Decisions with 360-Degree Data

A nationally-recognized healthcare service organization recently presented Ad Victoriam with a three-prong challenge. In the end, we quickly and successfully resolved all of them. Doing so allowed them to make smarter decisions with 360-degree data to help drive sales and recapture market share.

The Three-Prong Challenge

The first AdVic challenge centered around this healthcare organization’s sales team’s lack of access to 360-degree, up-to-date data as they visited clinics nationwide.  This was causing them to lose market share.

The company also needed an effective sales tool to attract and engage new hires to combat its high employee attrition rate.

And lastly, management needed to automate processes and increase visibility into key referral KPI’s. Their goal was to decrease manual intervention and make smarter decisions.

Steps to 360-Degree Data

AdVic’s resolution was the implementation and integration of Salesforce Health Cloud™ and Maps™ with the Client’s back-office system. It was complemented by these carefully-crafted additional steps:

  • Integration of clinical data with the Client’s patient and physician referral data – based on HIPPA guidelines. This provided needed visibility for sales reps to combat lost market share.
  • Connected physician data through Person Accounts to Clinic Accounts and corresponding patient data. The exposure of referral KPI’s, based on patient-physician relationships linked to the Clinic Accounts, provided management with desired data insights in dashboards to drive performance and business decisions.
  • Created data layers for clinics within Salesforce Maps to give the sales team productive meeting schedules and easy access to top data points that accelerated productivity.

As we did with this client, Ad Victoriam’s experienced multi-cloud Consulting Team is ready to apply their knowledge and passion to help you drive your sales initiatives and recapture your market share. Let’s connect today so you can gain access to your 360-degree data!

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Highlights from MuleSoft’s CONNECT: NOW

Highlights from MuleSoft's CONNECT: NOW

MuleSoft‘s recent CONNECT: NOW global integration conference – held on October 13, 2020 – helped attendees to discover how to unlock data and unleash innovation with API-led connectivity — charting a clear path to achieving digital transformation with speed and scale.

Members of the Ad Victoriam MuleSoft® Consulting Team attended the virtual conference and chose a few session highlights to share.

Session: Streamline and Scale Lending with API-led Integration

This breakout session provided a good understanding of how lending companies have addressed the need to deliver products and services with the use of a digital platform.

API-led connectivity plays a big part in lending-type MuleSoft applications, as this helps to define or refactor current business processes to help improve the overall end to end customer experience.

During the session, Truist Bank CIO, Ken Meyer, talked about how adopting MuleSoft is not just a technology effort, it requires the business to define all the requirements for the APIs that can then be implemented using MuleSoft.

With the use of APIs and MuleSoft, companies within the lending industry can unlock data from other systems, automate manual business processes, and drive innovation with more speed and agility.

Session: Revolutionize the Patient Journey in Life Sciences Through APIs

This session focused on how in today’s healthcare world patients are seeking virtual engagement.

Due to COVID19 healthcare companies are having to rapidly change and adapt to the growing virtual needs of patients.

The MuleSoft Anypoint platform is helping healthcare providers to quickly combine disparate systems with builder block APIs to drive interoperability. Traditionally, IT teams would not be efficient enough to quickly build out new interrogations.

To support the healthcare industry’s needs, such as those that COVID19 has presented, the API building block approach with MuleSoft allows IT teams to build upon past phases to narrow the development timeline.

Session: Manage Changing Retail Operations with Real-Time Data

The main subject of the presentation was how retail has changed significantly in the last few months due to COVID19.

Kreena Mehta, Lead Software Engineer of Asics Digital showed how they used SAP and MuleSoft to streamline their operations and quickly adjust their supply chain to a more delivery-based model as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar.

MuleSoft made this easy with its API-Led approach because the existing processes did not have to be changed from the top down, just the targeted areas dealing with shipping/receiving.

The digital shopping experience is now the number one priority in the retail space due to more online shopping by consumers.

As a certified MuleSoft Anypoint and Salesforce multi-cloud consulting partner, Ad Victoriam’s integration experts understand the complexities of enterprise integrations, both on-premise and in the cloud. We simplify complex integration scenarios, integrate disparate systems, and provide a scalable architecture that your business can grow with – whether or not you are using Salesforce. So, if you are ready to connect your systems, we’re ready to talk to you today.


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Got Sales Cloud? Meet Service Cloud

Got Sales Cloud? Meet Service Cloud

So, you took the leap and implemented a Salesforce Sales Cloud™. With that, you’ve empowered your sales reps to work faster and smarter. Your team now has insights, guidance, and forecasts built from AI, and data have been always at your fingertips.

However, now you feel like you’re ready to take that next leap in the Salesforce ecosystem – becoming multi-cloud. And you’re probably thinking of giving your service team an added edge for a more streamlined customer support system, right?

Meet Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud ™ provides your team with a 360-degree view of your customers. That enables your team to deliver smarter, faster, and more personalized service. You can automate service processes, streamline workflows, and surface key articles, topics, and experts to transform the agent experience.

Watch Salesforce Service Cloud Overview Video

Service Cloud Makes Customers Happy

Call center and case management are some of the most common uses of Service Cloud solutions and one of the Salesforce CRM’s many strengths. The Service Cloud platform, enhanced with the Lightning Console, is able to improve team efficiency and increase customer happiness thanks in part to these features:

  • Customer Engagement Center: Give your agents the tools they need to see the “big picture” and excel in customer engagement.
  • Case Management Workflow: Embed best practices into your CRM that enable your business flows to become more scalable, organized, and efficient.
  • Multi-Channel Support: Make your agents available to customers by any method they prefer to use, ensuring seamless customer service across various channels.
  • Entitlement Management: Make sure you’re meeting service level agreements by using the features of Service Cloud to track service contracts.
  • Knowledge Center Support (KCS): Equip your service team with the knowledge they need to respond to customer queries faster and better.
  • Managed Services Processes: Custom design your customer service processes from start to finish – from call scripting to case resolution – to ensure consistency and speed throughout the entire case.
  • Omnichannel Support: Master omnichannel support via Service Cloud solutions in order to maintain a conversation with your customer across any channel, avoiding a “fractured” customer experience.

So, have you ever wished you had a Salesforce consulting partner who really understood Service Cloud? Well, Ad Victoriam does! We’re uniquely positioned to help your business make the most out of its data through the Service Cloud platform. As a top multi-cloud Salesforce partner, we excel at maximizing the combined power of the clouds. Let’s chat now!

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Securing C-Suite Support for a Cloud Migration

Securing C-Suite Support for a Cloud Migration

We are smack-dab in the middle of the budget planning season for 2021. Are you stressing about shoehorning in spending for a badly-needed cloud migration to replace your company’s legacy systems and also having to justify it to the C-suite?

Most likely, the reason your key C-suite stakeholders haven’t seriously considered cloud computing previously is that they are not armed with the right information. So, it’s up to you to help them see the benefits, which in turn may make them see the light and be more motivated to make the necessary changes.

Ad Victoriam has done hundreds of cloud migration projects for businesses of all sizes, so we’re pretty familiar with the pain points in securing C-suite support. So, in an effort to help you, below are five benefits of why doing a cloud migration should absolutely be included when you submit your 2021 budget plan for approval. And each benefit includes specific challenges that will be solved.

The 5 Benefits of a Cloud Migration

1. Sell Smarter and Faster

2. Create More Engaging Marketing

3. Better Support for Every Customer

4. Connect Every Commerce Channel

  • Unify the B2B and B2C buying experiences
  • Deliver continual shopping innovations
  • Conquer personalization with AI

5. Easily Build Apps for Every Role

Any three of the above benefits would be enough to convince many businesses to move their systems into the cloud. But when you add up all five, it’s approaching no-brainer territory for your C-suite.

Whether you’re just starting your journey to the cloud or are looking to take your current cloud performance to the next level, the Ad Victoriam consulting team is standing by to customize your plan for your specific business needs; our specialty is understanding your business inside-out. Can we talk today?

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Interested in Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation Symposium

Ad Victoriam and University of Georgia – Terry College of Business invite you to join us for a five-week online Digital Transformation Symposium program beginning Feb. 9, 2021. The program discusses the framework for planning a digital transformation for your business in an effort to influence change in an evolving global economy. For more information, register, and view the agenda, click here.

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Income-Generating API Strategies for Retailers

Income-Generating API Strategies for Retailers

Now more than ever, customers are integrating the retail brands they love into their everyday lives. And they are doing it through mobile, web, social, app, and in-person interactions with retailers.

So, what’s happening behind the scenes in each of these interactions? APIs (application programming interfaces) are… And that’s why it’s increasingly critical for innovative retailers that want to reach customers in new ways to develop and execute successful API strategies.

So, when developing your API strategy, here are several steps retailers should consider:

Build a Single View of the Customer

A common problem with a growing business is that you often outgrow the systems that track your customers. With the limited capacity to upgrade and properly synchronize these sources of customer data, many times you end up with small silos of specific data: customers, orders, loyalty, etc. Retrieving that data into a single view is difficult to achieve with conventional tools that are used by most retail businesses.

MuleSoft® is a top platform that can bring these disparate systems together and present them in a single, 360-degree view. This gives you the insight your business needs to truly know your customers. MuleSoft’s API-led architecture allows systems to be brought together as needed and utilized as one single powerful tool for retailers.

Optimize the Supply Chain

Using MuleSoft to monitor and control your supply chain will allow for powerful insight into your inventories, orders, and products. Real-time information can be provided to customers, sales teams, operations, or whoever needs to know to grow your business. The power of instant information will translate into more efficient use of your inventories. It will also help you avoid the problems associated with traditional product management tools.

Develop Better Data Orchestration for Reporting

In addition to an omnichannel view of your customers, the same tools and APIs that were created to allow for customer insight can be reused to create an accurate and timely data source for your reporting, accounting, or auditing needs. MuleSoft’s reusability means quicker to-market times for your development. That translates into a better bottom line for your IT needs. The power of unlocking your data can take your business to the next level.

Offer Contactless Engagement

As you go about developing your API strategy, double-down on digital commerce. Also, plan on offering your customers the ability to take advantage of contactless engagement (mobile/wearable payments, inside and curbside pickup, tap-and-go card payments).

Nowadays, not only are your customers expecting the ease of a contactless engagement experience with you, it makes them feel safe and secure while completing their transactions.

And beyond offering your customers a convenient, secure method of payment, mobile payments can also help expand your customer base. This ensures your business achieves greater success on its journey to growth.

As a certified MuleSoft consulting partner, Ad Victoriam’s integration experts understand the complexities of enterprise integrations, both on-premise and in the cloud. We simplify complex integration scenarios, integrate disparate systems, and provide a scalable architecture that your retail business can grow with. So, are you ready to get connected? Talk to a certified MuleSoft consultant today!


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Avoiding Data Migration Pitfalls

Avoiding Data Migration Pitfalls Blog

Embarking on a data migration project can be daunting. It’s crucial to your migration success that you leverage the right data migration tools to facilitate a smooth and seamless data transfer.

Many people are challenged underestimating a data migration project’s complexity, poor planning, and not setting aside enough resources. If not quickly addressed, these problems can lead to slow user adoption at best, and major customer relationship issues at worst.

Avoid Exceeding Your Timeline and Budget

Here are a few common reasons companies exceed their timeline and budget during data migration projects:

  • Lack of planning and project management before the actual migration.
  • Not able to visualize the final solution.
  • Including the wrong business subject matter experts on the project.
  • Mismatch or lack of technical skills.
  • Choosing the wrong tool to do the job.
  • Not scoping out all the requirements before the migration.
  • Not enough time allocated to user acceptance testing.

Tips for a Smooth Data Migration

To ensure your business has a smooth data migration, Ad Victoriam recommends:

  • A Project Manager with experience or technical understanding of data migration.
  • Use an Agile Project delivery approach.
  • Choosing the right tool for the migration process. For example – if your environment is SQL server, use SSIS, which is built on SQL Server.
  • Perform extensive discovery sessions to fully understand your business processes and data migration needs.
  • Only migrate clean data into the future solution to ensure more streamline business processes and reporting otherwise the migration was a waste of time and effort.
  • Get your users excited about the new solution with their cleaned data, which will increase their productivity and lower your cost.
  • Have a recovery plan. Each stage of the data migration should include recovery options. Plan how you can roll back changes during extraction, transformation, and loading.
  • Don’t forget test planning. As a part of your project planning, you should have a test plan in place. Consider what steps will need to be tested before you can safely move data.

Planning for Success

The information presented above is a high-level data migration plan that encompasses the steps to “go live” — ensuring that the systems are prepared, the personnel is available and trained to perform the migration, affected stakeholders have been notified, and a time window for the move has been scheduled.

So, are you looking for help constructing your “go live” plan? Start here!

If you are thinking about a data migration for your business, all of the challenges outlined in this article can be overcome by using the right partner, and this is where Ad Victoriam’s extensive data solutions expertise comes in to help you plan and carry out your vision toward success. Let’s start working on your plan today!

Watch AdVic’s “Harnessing Data & Automation to Drive Sales Performance” Webinar

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