Application integration to help your systems communicate

Cloud Integration Services from Ad Victoriam Solutions

Technology is most useful when it increases speed and efficiency. While every new piece of software has the potential to greatly benefit your business, that potential can't be unlocked until all of your systems have been taught to communicate. For many companies, this means new systems need to be integrated with legacy applications and adapted to read existing databases.

Some systems are built for this sort of integration, but when you need the ability to choose between software options rather than adopting an entire suite of software to access one useful component, you'll also need someone to make sure your new systems are in sync with existing applications.

Let us integrate your applications for efficiency, effectiveness, and long-term success.

System integration solutions that move your business forward

  • Design & Guidance
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Boomi

System integration solutions that move your business forward

The broad range of cloud-based solutions available to businesses can offer great benefits – one of the most useful being choice. You aren't tied to one suite of software, so you can mix and match to find the combination of features that best suits your company's needs.

These systems, however, don't always speak each other's languages. To truly harness the technological potential of your business, you'll need an interpreter. Our application integration specialists have the knowledge and experience needed to keep your software communicating seamlessly, as well as familiarity with the industry's leading software. We offer our clients complete integration services, including:

Design & Guidance

We'll help you assess your needs, and find and integrate the right software, then we'll make sure you have all the tools needed to harness the potential of the cloud. Our data integration team can help connect your systems, build new interfaces to make the most of your data, and make sure that everything functions efficiently.

Azure Service Bus

Azure Service Bus is a robust toolset that allows messaging between cloud-based apps as well as on-site applications. Ad Victoriam's business systems integration specialists can utilize Azure Service Bus to connect your databases, web applications and storage solutions so communication flows effortlessly between systems.

Microsoft BizTalk Server

With the help of our application integration specialists, Microsoft's premiere cloud integration platform can help you monitor and automate processes between applications. We'll connect documents built in various software applications to eliminate silos, and allow you to automate processes throughout your organization.


Dell's cloud integration platform Boomi excels at connecting cloud-based and on-premises applications, with support for software at all levels from small business to enterprise. Integrate your software and migrate your databases without the headaches of the past with the help of Boomi's big data management tools and Ad Victoriam's application integration team.

Harness the full potential of your technology

The cloud integration specialists at Ad Victoriam Solutions speak every language your systems need for seamless communication. We're dedicated to providing you with successful cloud-based solutions that truly meet the demands of keeping your company at the forefront of your industry.