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Cloud Computing Knowledge Center

Learn about cloud-based data & business intelligence strategies

Our enterprise consulting strategies are based around the concept that knowledge and data are your most valuable business commodities. We promote that philosophy in our business process consulting, and also here on our website via our cloud technology knowledge center.

Learn about cloud integration, data management, and how we use industry-leading platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services to build efficient systems and structures for our business intelligence consulting clients.

Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Creating an Effective Data Strategy for Your Business Making sure your data is properly monitored, controlled, and used.

Connecting the Dots: How Internet of Things and Big Data are Related Learn the differences between IoT and Big Data, and how the two intertwine

How Can the Internet of Things Help Your Business? How much can your company benefit from enterprise integration?

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Welcome to the Third Wave Explore the latest advancements in the Internet of Things, and get a glimpse into a life made simpler through connected devices.

Salesforce Wave & BI


Salesforce Solutions for Businesses 101 Bursting onto the scene in 1999, Salesforce quickly became one of America's leading software and cloud computing companies.

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Cloud Strategy

AWS Cloud Computing 101 for Businesses Get answers to 6 common questions about Amazon Web Services and learn the benefits of AWS migration for businesses big and small.

Microsoft Azure Cloud & Hybrid Models Learn about what Azure is, how it’s used, and the numerous ways your business can benefit from a hybrid cloud solution.

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